Fix Miram&Midnight

Too imbalanced, need to nerf or fix Miram&Midnight

Too imbalanced?? How so? Video doesn’t really explain the point your trying to make. Well, not to me at any rate…

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


you are playing rainbow (no tile damage)
why bring lepiota when you have topaz to counter M&M?
why fire lepiota on M&M when you had the potential to charge up topaz for her?

why let matilda charge up when you had better moves?

you had a move to charge up ariel before your ninjas died.

i don’t see any problem with the enemy team. you had the win on before the first minute


You have at least 6000 5* maxed and yet you want miriam to be nerfed?!
I dont have her or any premium 5* but im against every nerf
The bait and switch policy is dirty


Nah M&M actually needs a buff. Why does she only boost nearby? At least with BK he buffs all

Hope SG fixes her.


This. You made a bad move in not charging up Ariel and letting your dps die. Therefore, you could not kill m&m.


I think I’m going to use this video as a case study of how not to play against M&M. Maybe a little shady :wink:

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


Minions are a bit op

ohhh i knew this ■■■■■■■■ was coming… as soon as some mediocre player doesn’t know how to counter a tank they call for a nerf. what a joke learn how to strategize…


I agree. Stop nerfing the heroes.


Yep purple match for blue match → ariel charged
Instead of the red diamond


i know @1Neo is veteran player with deep roster.

indeed miriam is very strong if people doesn’t bring minion’s counter, but there are already several antidote heroes to negate her.

so leave her as a strong blue tank. enough with all the nerf, it is SG destined path for keep coming endless power creeps.


Yes @1Neo is amazing player so please respect and don’t call him mediocre.

M&M doesn’t need a nerf. What she does is limited to nearby allies only. I have M&M in my defence but don’t have any of the new Strong hero’s like Anne, G.Panther , Khufu etc. My defence is an easy target most of the time to mono green opponent. Problem in the video is he is using rainbow team tile damage is not there to kill her easily.

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Exactly, I played about 59 rainbow fights and only won 10%. Therefore, you need to fix M&M, because of too cool skills against the rainbow team… I did not write against Khufu, Panther and others, only this hero.


With only 10% win rate you should question yourself if M&M is the problem or your rainbow team approach?! It’s always the same: Meta switches to new heroes with new skills but people use their old teams and strategy from last meta and are surprised they lose.
M&M is very strong - yes. But before calling for a nerf, try other teams and strategies.


Miriam will not be nerfed, calm down my brother Neo! and do you know why? because the small giant is much smarter than you!!! do you know alucard? you know? very fast. he is the counter of Miriam! and you know who else? bera , uraneus, grimble :smiley: lot of minion killer… if you have a little money then pull and see if you can get the minion counters. don’t worry about the nerf, go ahead :wink:

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She has been tough to beat :weary:


why don’t you make a topic about nerf Anne… when she fires her ability, it’s interesting that all my people die… why don’t you talk about it? or khofu or goseck ? what? rather play the game and leave the cleverness to the game makers mate


Thereis no problem to play rainbow teams against other heroes, only M&M…


But this is no reason to nerf M&M. Why should “rainbow has low chance against that tank” be an indicator for balance?