Fix G.Hippo

The new hero Hippo is too strong both in terms of charging speed and damage…video below. please reduce him to medium and damage to 125% and no bypasses the taunt, counterattacks and dodges!

And this

And Mitsuko

They were all AoE hitters(at least in the first fight), shouldn’t you take a taunt hero or a riposte hero with you?


I don’t know if I can judge a defending hero based on the attacker desperately trying to avoid killing or dispelling them whenever possible. With that said, I’m sure there will be a massive call for a nerf just after I get and level this hippo :joy:

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


Were you purposefully trying to die in these fights? Sure seemed like it with the teams you brought (no real dispeller? taunter?)


yes 100% agree, this does not prove anything


I’m not making any judgments on his strength yet, but his damage bypasses taunts.


Dude… your team has no thought put into it in regards to maximizing your chance of beating the team you are facing. This is equivalently to attacking with a team of 1* heroes and when you lose: “See? So overpowered!”

No mindless attack inflicter, silencer, taunter, special skill blocker etc. All you brought was a very slow dispeller.

If your objective was to show us how to lose a raid as certain as possible then you’ve suceeded my friend!

You literally could have killed the hippo short into the first battle using Cristobal’s first charge but chose not to. I mean, it’s pretty clear you were trying to lose? Is this a troll post? I don’t get it.


Come on. You are attacking probably the best/toughest team possible to go with hippo, super strong AoE ninjas. You went in with a rainbow team and just charged hippo and let yourself be destroyed. I didn’t watch past the first battle because you clearly have an agenda. If Jove or Anne was in that back middle spot and you charged them twice, you would have been dead anyway without the help of anyone else.


Ok he just got released and many people chasing him. Once everyone use him we can ask for a balance discussion if required. We can’t decide how OP is the hero in 6 hours after the release. He made it out of beta without changes even after many negative comments from testers. They would have nerfed him before the release and listened to testers feedback.

There is so much gap between old and new hero’s. New hero’s are very strong, using rainbow team is not a great option now.


oh you sweet summer child . . . i wish i could believe that SG would lean on beta feedback.


Neo chases every hero
The heroes he could not get he calls out to nerf them.


They did listened to beta feedback’s. They nerfed fortuna and OP masquerade passives. They also increased damage for next minion counter hotm. :blush: I’m in beta from 3 years so they did listened to beta many times :blush: recently it’s all about profit and everyone wants chase OP heroes


Actually he is not able to purchase in game because of some restriction to country from SG. He don’t have any of the new hero’s

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The video is a demonstration of how not to play the game.
Hippo is strong, but even Melendor from s1 can handle her special. There are many counters for her back from s1.
She is a refreshing mechanic since LOLO. The only thing I can think of softening the hippo for crybabies is making her Avg speed.


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Here’s a thought, instead of all the calls for nerfs on new heroes that people spent money to try, and other people can’t seem to beat… there’s this little button you can press to solve all your problems… RE-ROLL


I don’t understand how people can come here and say they have to wait and see to determine how strong G.Hippo is. Anyone who’s been playing this game long enough knows that a fast mana speed hero that boosts the mana of the entire team by +34% is inherently a problem, then add the fact that she does 225% damage to all enemies whenever an ally casts their special is ridiculous. On offense, you could really bring two to three healers and have her kill the opponent by herself and seeing how many blue healers there are, that is a strong possibility.

G.Hippo needs to be average speed and her special should be reduced to 2 turns with an undispellable 25% mana boost to all heroes. She’d still be great but not too fast and all these broken heroes being paired with her will take a hit without needing to be nerfed themselves (some not all, Anne, Jove and G. Panther are the outliers here).


Or keep Hippo as is, but get rid of that BS aspect of bypassing dodge, taunt, apparently blue reflect, (and counterattack buffs also?).

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he bypasses Taunt and hits all the heroes, this is a boar in law …


Does Gdn Hippo has any obscured skill to passby taunt?
If yes, please fix the special skills description.
If not, please buff all heroes special skills to bypass taunt, or please fix Gdn Hippo

Ps: please check my new thought in reply.