Fix crazy resource production bias

Discussed under General and brought here as there seems to be no maths to explain the current differential affecting all players. I might b rubbish at maths but the following just doesn’t add up…

Food is required for: troops, hero training, hero levelling, hero ascension, emblems, 1/2 craft items, building, all alchemy lab items

Iron is required for: emblems, building, 1/2 craft items

This means there are 3 times as many actions requiring food as there are requiring iron. The actions requiring food are not 3 times less expensive and food production is less than double iron. Costumes are likely to increase this discrepancy and both for f2p and p2p this is unsustainable.

My ideas would be

  1. increase food production to at least double that of iron
  2. reduce costs of all items that use food
  3. add no more items/actions that use food until theres a significant increase in those that use iron
  • please dont respond with comments about personal levels of food or iron as this relates to your own game choices and I’ve been in both situations a gazillion times -

Dang, on the 1/2/3 options I should’ve put OR as I dont expect all 3 to happen but at least 1 of them should, particularly with food being a basic game resource xx

I just calculated my food and iron production and these were my results

Ham - 63,400 per hour
Iron - 23,500 per hour

So I guess just keep upgrading your farms and you’ll get your 1st wish. I’d also like to point out that monster/raid/titan chests along with Titan loot almost always give you more ham than iron. You also typically get more ham from raids than Iron. All these new building upgrades require a crazy amount of iron to complete as do crafting battle items for titans or challenge events so that’s wish number 3.

I dont think an adjustment is necessary. Personally I wish there was a way to increase Iron production.


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Yay maths! Thanks @JLB_ep, that makes me feel tons better xx I just needed someone else to do the numbers graft lol

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Cheers chick, only my 2nd post so I’m still learning x

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:thinking: interesting…I cannot get rid of my food and others neither. I need more Iron!