[ fix coming with version 15.1 ] Obakan reflect doesn't reflect


You’re not the first one to take Cyprian for female… I don’t think the long hair and the way the armor seems a bit bulky around the chest area helps very much… :slight_smile: But another rather strong clue he is male is his title, “Deathbound Lord”.

I’ve always thought of Cyprian and Sabina as probably being brother and sister, with their rather similar faces.


@Petri Do we have any info on when the next update will be? I’m bleeding cups left, right, and centre at the moment haha :joy:


My boyfriend’s Elena will not counterattack. She has nothing counterattack. Sorry but this is crazy. I thought this was supposed to be fixed. Can you please help him. His name is purgy. He is the leader of therapy.


Are you seriously starting alliance wars now without fixing that issues? My purple team is nearly useless because of this… Obakan and Cyprian together with Rigard were a semi good team before your update. Not as good as my other colored teams, but still possible to play if the tactic is good.

What will i do with that team now? Use it to level up other heroes??
My heroes reflect 0 to 250 damage when they get a 1000 damage hit, that’s a joke…

If you already solve problems, go solve that “reduce shield” or “Increase attack” are not counted for reflect damage so far. That are bugs as well than, or not??

By the way… My girlfriend invested around 300 euros so far in your game to get a 5* hero, but nothing happens. She can set up teams with 5x Rigard or 5x Tiburtus, but not got one single 5* hero.

If you want to have a good and fair game, go fix that and go fix that reflect issues before you add more trash like your raid shields!

Greed kills every game someday

Cyprian Shield not working during a War battle

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