[ fix coming with version 15.1 ] Obakan reflect doesn't reflect


Bunch of BS. This is why more and more people are leaving this game. Any fun aspects of the game are instantly nerfed. Then what use is it for these useless purple heroes now? They don’t do much else…


I have Obakan maxed out (Elena and Boril too) and actually really like him. I’ll continue using him too, but this bug removal/tweak/mini nerf (call it what you will) is completely unnecessary.


what an idiotic new nerf.
so basically riposte is useless if you don’t have very close to full health!!!

don’t fix whats not broken!!!


I really like obakan, but have been sitting on the fence with his last ascension. Unfortunately, this 'bug" fix makes it a non decision for me. Obakan goes back in the closet.


I was working on Elena (she’s 3^70 right now), but now I’m wondering if Guardian Kong would be more worthy of the rings. Similar tile damage and special, faster mana, and an ice defense buff sounds way better than riposte that will hardly do any damage anymore…


@Petri This so-called fix is a nerf and will seriously make a difference for lower level teams in the alliance wars, that use riposte heroes in their war defense. These defenses are now practically useless. Valuable ascension items are squandered. I don’t understand why??? It isn’t as though riposte is a game changing special. I don’t see any threads on the forum complaining about Boril, Cyprian, Elena or Obakan being OP. I think this will upset balance in the game. And I really don’t understand why heroes are being nerfed after being in the game for over a year? How can anyone make a strategic decision about how to build their team, when there is no way of knowing who SG might critically nerf at some time in the future?

Is Cyprian worth it?

Guardian Kong seems much more interesting now.


Elemental barrier is the reflect of events and rare titans, not the elemental defense buff!


Is there another bug with Obakan? This morning I raided a team with Obakan and the whole team counterattacked with 115% damage.


Wouldnt be suprised. I saw a counter of 26 on a 886 mangni hit. How about just revert it back to it was and everyone will be happy again. Simple.


Uff, for real? What’s it’s called that then?
Elemental shield? Elemental defence?


“elemental defense buff”
I read that from Kashhrek’s change.


Status update, we have decided to change the counterattack logic for killed heroes back in the upcoming update version 15.1. So dead heroes can still counterattack on the same turn they are killed.

[ in progress for v15.1 ] Reinstate Riposte damage from a dying hero
HERO is dead but still attacks
Is Cyprian worth it?
Riposte om boril not working III
Ciprian, Elena and Boril
Cyprian Shield not working during a War battle

@suntanglory hoorayyyy


Good call, its not game breaking anyway since reflect amount is tied to health left on the reflect heroes. So low health, low reflect. Thanks for reconsidering though.


Excellent news, thank you!

So many examples recently of SG hearing and responding to player feedback… this will make a good bookmark for all the times people will still complain SG doesn’t listen… :grin:


That’s a very good decision, @Petri!


And/or in case of, say, Lianna hitting for 1k damage: not to shabby health, dead anyway but at least reflect 700 damage… :wink:


Thank you for this, @Petri! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for listening to us and changing it back @Petri and the SGG team.