Fix challenge tiers


So as an actual “beginner” I’m not about to even attempt the new challenge if someone of level 50+ can suck up all the top tiers in beginner, intermediate and advanced. I see this player “Zero” is a coleader of the largest group in game. My question is…

  1. Why is there not a level cap on each teir so this cannot happen?
  2. Why wouldn’t you be embarassed to bogart noob slots in a challenge as a leader in the strongest clan in game?
  3. What does the strongest clan in game have to say about their leader doing that?

Tbh its not only rude, but if I were the leader of that group I’d be embarassed and probably kick. Thoughts? Feelings?


Beginner doesn’t really mean beginner. It is more about limited heros and items for the event tiers. There have been requests to rename the tiers to something more reflective of what they are


So “beginner” isn’t easier and geared to lower level players in any way? How about expert? Do i as an actual beginner stand a chance competing as an “expert”?


Possibly yes. You can complete it with only 4s. I believe some have done with a combination of 4 and 3s. All 3*s likely won’t make it.


Hmmm. Clearly something needs to be fixed. I still wouldn’t even try. Clearly its not for noobs, and even if it were intended to be, the top players aren’t interested in giving them a chance. Good to know.


I doubt Zero is the only not-a-beginner in the top 10 of beginner tier. More likely none of them are beginners. They’re pros playing with 3* heroes. :slight_smile:


There are a few threads with tips and strategies for events


Hes the only lv 50 i saw and is in top 3 each tier. Just doesn’t seem very sporting. The devs should fix something, be it the title of the tiers or placing a level cap at each if they truely intended actual beginners to have a chance.


Also a community should expect more from a leader of one of the most powerful group in game than the average player. I’ve led the largest group in several games and i wouldn’t have accepted that from my other leads. Devs should either rename tiers if they intend for experts to play lower level slots, or put a level cap on each tier if their intent was beginners getting to take part.


I was wondering how long it would take for a topic like this one to come up this month…I’ve stated my opinions on this subject last month so no point in rehashing, but at least I should have something interesting to read over the weekend…


Placing a level cap would almost work, but not quite. Player level shows how much grinding they did, not the game expertise or stars/levels of heroes. It’s not a very good solution and I’m guessing it would generate big protests.


I’m not even sure what level you could cap beginner at since it takes time and map grinding to ascend the heroes to make them usable in the event


You’re new and fiery. :slight_smile: I don’t think anybody expects the leader of the strongest alliance to kick the strongest member for participating in the beginner tier.


At least it adds a little spice to the same old tired monthly debate…lol


I think you bring a very interesting and somewhat valid point…Technically, this player you mentioned has no better heroes than any newbie would. Technically, because the system wont allow you to select any other heroes other than 3*. Visually the only difference is, his will undoubtedly be fully ascended…But the real advantage this type of person has over everyone else is, experience. Yes, knowing what combination of heroes to use and tile usage is the real variable here. And that my friend is golden and something you can only acquire by playing the game a lot. And doing some research to some extent. Personally, I really don’t see the point to some of these "elitist’ doing those levels. I mean, They really don’t get much out of it, at least no new materials they don’t already posses. So yes, you may have a really good point. Leave those levels for true less experienced players, let them have their fun too. Let them see their names on those stats and encourage them to get better instead of just wanting to see your name plastered everywhere you possibly can. That’s my 2 cents…Having said that…I finished all 3 levels today. The last I did with all 4* and only one 5*. It took me 3 tries to finish the last level. I can’t imagine any “noob” getting very far to be honest. People here will tell you that it’s possible if you try, but I would bet those are all seasoned players who say that…


I get being upset with it being the same person winning or scoring that high in all three tiers, it’s a bit greedy but he’s facing the same limitations everyone has. Same heroes, same items. It’s possible for others to do. I understand the sentiment and kind of wish it was set so you can only go for top 50 in one tier, pick which tier you’re going for in the beginning of the event.

However I do want to point out, as an alliance they are extremely helpful to noobs and veterans alike. I personally watched Zero help a guy out giving him game tips while the guy was still talking crap about him. They put together a ton of tutorials, they offer to look at everyone’s lineup and help construct teams if asked. To me that is above and beyond. Yes other players will, myself included, but I would never set up a discord and invite everyone to ask anytime. To be honest that sounds like a headache to me :slight_smile:


No offense, but what does one thing have to do with the other…The OP is mainly just pointing out that the system should only allow beginners to do beginner levels, etc…Don’t see how this guys bedside manners have anything to do with it…


Everything you said here is spot on imo. I have said as well that competing for tier rewards should be limited to one class declared before event starts. Sure get completion rewards for all since they are open to everyone, but the placement rewards…pick one class and that is it.


I mainly brought that up because of the comments saying he should be kicked, his alliance should be embarrassed, we should expect more from the leaders. To me, those comments were just a bit unfair.


The event is not for noobs. There are plenty of things for noobs to do - train some heroes, ascend those heroes, draw some troops, level those troops, finish the map.

The event is for late game players who have finished the map and have barracks full of fully ascended heroes with high quality troops sitting around doing nothing except completing daily wanted chests. Events provide a nice challenge.

Resentful of the performance of the top players? Improve your team and your tactics.