Fix / Buff / Adjust Norns

She got nothing to do with minons or exploiting them as far as I know or did I miss something here lol

Minions attack with the element of the hero they’re assigned, I believe? I too struggled to make the connection.

Minions deal extra damage against enemies their owners are strong against. So if a norns would to hit a green hero, an blue minion can deal stronger damage to red (normal red is already weak to blue) and green heroes (norns turning the green weak against blue)

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But that wouldn’t matter on def right as elemental attacks have nothing to do with slash damage unless minions are different; but I’m not sure why they would be different? Why would minions on def be elemental and regular slash attacks not be? That would be an inconsistency and an illogical one at that.

I’ve tried it, minions do deal stronger damage against enemies their owners are strong against even on Def. So norns’ effect should apply accordingly

Wow, so SG leaves slash attacks non-elemental but makes minions elemental on defense? Unbelievable :man_facepalming:

There is no logical reason that slash attacks should be non-elemental then…consistency would be nice. Either that or make minions non-elemental on defense. This kind of arbitrary madness must stop.

Maybe it’s a way to compensate and not be completely useless

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You’ll have to take my word for it as I don’t have a recording device on my phone. I tried it on Jotunheim where they spawn minions and they were all holy. To make it more accurate, I used a holy and a dark hero with the same type of troop level and rank. And yup the dark hero was recieving way more damage than the holy hero

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I believe you. When I said unbelievable it was referring to SG letting this kind of inconsistency flourish. You either make ALL defensive aspects elemental or none. This kind of half-way in between nonsense signifies nothing more than laziness on behalf of SG. If they have a better reason they wouldn’t say anyway so who the hell knows?.?.

Well at the end of the day it’s still SG’s game and they make the rules. I’m sure they’re aware of this, so they made
Vanaheim to have one of the best synergies on the game after all. Freya to buff minion attack. Norns to make opponents weaker to more types for their minions to cover more ground and Bera for the minion meatshielding. And also those free mana cuts they give when they die

I realize how late I am to this particular party… but I can’t help but think that Norns SHOULD work on defense the way one would think reading the card. (I realize that it doesn’t, and that it isn’t a bug).

If that would make them too strong, then there are some middle-ground options:
like this one from above:

Just to put a little twist on that, and keep it about Norns’ effect on enemies, attackers hit by Norns could lose the ability to get “Strong” tile damage for the duration. This would not be as powerful as making their tiles specifically “Weak”.

Alternatively, maybe the attacking heroes hit by Norns could lose color-related aspects of their specials? So, for example, Gravemaker would NOT do extra-damage to Nature (but otherwise works the same).

If no other changes are to be made, at least the card should to be re-written to make the ‘only on offense’ nature of her special clear.


Doesn’t mean that they can’t account for something every now and again (I mean after all they make a living off of what players spend on the game) especially when it’s inconsistency in gameplay. The fact that it’s players having to constantly figure out and post the rules/mechanics gets a little ridiculous too as SG isn’t paying any players to do so.

That made me go cross-eyed but I’ll take you word for it loll

Yey when you have norns.

When you have gefjo olallla yuppi yihhhhaaa.

Yey when you have norns. When you have gefjon olallla yuppi yihhhhaaa.

i have it but i am not willing to upgrade. I think mist and gullinbursti priority.

Umm :thinking: 20 characters

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Back again here, I think norns would benefit from an additional 36% crit chance buff for all allies. Because she works with normal attack, I think crit chance buff would benefit her a lot

I think just make enemies tiles weak against the opposite color would be a perfect fix


Do you use Norns at tank for both war and raid defense?
Idk if ill level her if there is no fix for her. I understand her usefulness on offense but I have other holy heroes to level that are viable on offense and defense.

I have Gullinbursti +19 now, so they would usually take tank.

I use Norns in a front three around a Zulag tank on raids at the moment.

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Thanks for the reply.
I have Vivica, malosi and joon-c leveled with emblems. I have onatel, neith, 2 joon dupes, justice and Leonidas all waiting to be leveled. I may eventually get norns

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