Fix / Buff / Adjust Norns

In offense, she is useable.

However in defense, she is just another Thorne. Her second ability doesn’t have any effects on the enemies as the slash is non-elemental.

I know that changing the slash to elemental might be too much, but can’t her second ability affect on the “Deal extra damage against” from Vela, GM, Zeline, Ursena, Clarissa…? So if a nature enemy has the Twist of Fate effect and being hit by Vela’s special, it should be damaged as much as red enemies.

Agree that she’s a good offense hero.

But on defense she’s worse than Thorne imo.

Thorne hits for substantial damage at least. Can’t say the same about Norns.


Heroes don’t need to be good everywhere. Guin is just tank, Miki suck in defence but shine on titans and events.
Just don’t use them in defence team.


Hi everyone! I hope you all having a good time!

I know there are some posts and debates out there about how Norns special skill works. It has been confusing for many of us at first. But as the players start to face her in the raids, it appears the second effect of her special skill (changing elemental weakness <-> strongness) does nothing in defense.

I checked it by playing the map stages with Norns as enemies and bosses, and surprisingly it was true! For instance, Norns were hitting my purple and green heroes with her special, and my purple tiles on the board were still strong against yellow enemies and my green tiles were still strong against blue ones!

I don’t think this is what the E&P designers intended to do. It appears to be more of a bug or simple mistake in coding and design. As much as I know about the goals and policy of Empires and Puzzles developers/designers, the intention of introducing new heroes has always been to bring more diversity to the game to make the game more attractive not only to the new players but also to the old ones. In this case, I think the second effect of Norns special skill (which is the one that differentiates her from other heroes and supposed to bring more diversity to the game) becomes meaningless!

If her inverting elemental weakness capability doesn’t work the way intended, Norns is nothing but a simple hitter (which we have a lot of them in the game). As one of the members of the forum said, without her second special skill she is nothing but another Thorne. She just hits the enemy and does nothing more than just what Thorne does (Thorne even hits harder).

I’m not saying her special skill should affect the opponent heroes offensive special skills because in that case, she might become an overpowered hero. But I think her special should affect the tile damage and weakens the tiles against the enemies that they were strong against before. (At least that is something comes to your mind when you read her hero card first).

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This is exactly what it was intended to do for offence.

Instead of having 1 colour being strong against the enemy there are now 2…

This is the whole point & benefit of the special skill… And what makes it so unique as compared to G. Chameleon.

For Defence see this thread:


Thank you for your response and the link

SG should include def considerations in her special and make enemy tiles weak based on element. Will this happen? Doubtful, but what it should be imo. It would make her viable on offense and defense.


Yes, without it she lacks something huge on her special skill. What can make her an attractive hero is her weakness inversion capability on tile damage without exception for defense or offense. Otherwise with the current situation she is nothing more than a simple hitter. Many 4* heros can do that better than her!


Some heroes are designed for pure offense.


In this case it should be different imo.

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Definetely doable – they made Ratatoskr and Jott have special skills that work differently on offense and defense


With all due respect I should say I do not agree with your comment because it cannot be applied for this case. I accept that there are some heroes who are better in defense than offence and vice versa. Special skill of some heroes might work better for offence than defense; But in this case the problem is not if her special works better in offense, the problem here is that the second effect of Norns special DOESN’T WORK AT ALL in defense.

It is like Azlar fire DoT only would work when he was in the offence team but in defense only his primary damage works and DoT wouldn’t work at all.

Even for some cases to prevent such a problem SG has defined secondary effect of some heroes so that no problem occurs about its functionality in both defense and offense. A good example of this could be Ratatoskr special skill second effect:
“All Nature shields on the board become enhanced. Enhanced shields have +64% attack when attacking hero casts the special and -57% attack when defending hero casts the special”


I have leveled Norns, and now I regret it. Getting her special to actually make any difference (besides the direct damage) isn’t easy. She’ll only work in specific stacks vs tanks/flanks with the right color, so she’s limited in her application. After that, her special only lasts 4 turns, so even if you stacked properly for the colors of heroes you were fighting, the ‘inversion’ won’t matter much.

I think her special should last a turn longer, and she should cleanse/dispell along with her attack.

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I know that many many heroes are useful on one side only and not vice versa. E.g. Guinevere, she works very well as a tank on defense, but on offense she is terrible. Nonetheless, all of her special skills still work. She still cuts mana, she still heals, she still protects. Not that great compared to when she is a tank, though.

But for Norns, her second special skill’s effect literally does nothing, nothing at all! Even Ratatoskr with a seemly weird skill still gets a fair treatment when he is on the defense side.

Slash damage is non-elemental.

She also doesn’t affect the “Damage extra against” by Vela, GM, Clarissa, Zeline at all.

This is not a case for it works here but not there, this is just broken.

She doesn’t need a buff, she rather needs a fix for her second effect.


Maybe to keep with the spirit of the hero but useful on defense, add a 3rd ability “When defending the caster and nearby allies no longer have a weak element for 4 turns.” Or just remove the “When defending” part entirely and make this a 3rd ability.

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I have Norns, and have found little use for her on offense or defense. Probably the weakest of the Season 3 5* heroes. Sorry you’re stuck with her!

Norns was probably designed as an NPC/Boss then thrown in as a playable character later on.

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I use Norns on my main offense team; she’s great. Turns tile damage from 1 strong, 3 normal, and 1 weak color into 2 strong, 3 normal.

Should be changed to affect enemies tile damage. That’s what everyone thinks if they read her special description. I don’t understand why it isn’t like that.


Do you always ask for Nerf for heroes you don’t have and Buf for heroes you have? Every day I realize the coherence of many. Congratulations.

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