Fix broken game

FIX YOUR BROKE A$$ GAME!!! The Knights of Avalon is absolute bullshit. Ban me if you want for cussing, I don’t give a ■■■■, your event is broke as hell. It is impossible to beat Guenevere and Morgan Le Fey heroes. They power up too ■■■■■■■ fast, which allows them to heal way too ■■■■■■■ fast, and then become impossible to ■■■■■■■ beat on any level, unless you waste gems on reviving heroes. BULLSHIT!!! I don’t mind spending a little cash here and there, but I am not made of money and not going to waste it on this ridiculous event. FIX IT NOW. If you can’t fix, or aren’t willing to fix, then ■■■■ your game and I will remove it from my devices.

Would you like a snickers bar?


If you’e not good at it and it causes you frustration,simply don’t do it. It’s not mandatory.

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Just craft battle items…

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I just completed both the intermediate and advanced stages today using “far from high end” teams. It just takes some planning. Don’t bring any blue heros. I like to bring two healers (Rigard and Boldtusk). It slows things down, but I survived with zero deaths. Try to bring heros that skip armor and cause straight damage. Lady Locke’s poison special works perfect here. Natalia’s special also skips armor. Power up your specials before you arrive at the bosses. Lastly, only attack one boss at a time. This is the strategy I used today to get my hands on five more rare items.


Closing this thread. Feel free to start a thread on event tactics to see how other players are handling the challenges. The community at large has developed a great deal of material already on this as well. Keywords to search for existing threads are Challenge, Knights, Avalon, and the names of the heroes you are having difficulty with. Here’s some to start with!