Fix Boss Wolf please


I believe Guardian Owl would be great behind Boss Wolf…


I’m in agreement that something either needs to be done with:

  1. Making Boss Wolf’s special more powerful, -or-
  2. ‘very slow’ mana needs to be revised, or removed entirely.

Although fighting BW is rare in raids (not many use him), but the times I have fought him, they’ve all been easy wins. I think I’ve fought a maxed out version 6-8 times, and out of those 6-8 times his special went off once before he died. Even when his special did go off, he had so little HP left that it didn’t really matter.

If the original defense buff is too much, maybe healing him will make him more useable and attractive. For example, when special goes off, he heals a certain amount of hp. That’ll at least make his reposte worthwhile if he gets attacked.

I do have Boss Wolf but have left him at t3lvl70. I do hope one day he’ll be worth the upgrade.


Well there you have it from someone who had fought him a few times, he still isn’t really much of a threat, not saying he has to be a top hero, and I do really appreciate them making an effort to fix him and heating our voice, but he still needs some work I have the stuff to ascend either him or Quintus to final (would be my first 5 star purple) and at this point I am not considering either because mats are too hard to get and I don’t want to spend them in 2 C ranked hero’s. Not saying I am some elitests who only upgrades A ranked hero’s but they have to be at least a B hero because mats are too rare.


I have him max.

You are right with your mind, If I would have for example Aberlikh, Delilah, Boss Wolf, Gravemaker and Alasi(or Izarnia) in my team, I would be almost unbeatable.

  1. All of them are HOTM
  2. It’s like getting a lambo while you are in the prison, or on the desert island. It’s a great car, but you need track, good roads and etc. to use it.

Give us the hero we can use, not the her we can just have for the collection.

And returning to the point that his stack with Guin is unbeatable - just use youtube to check videos from beta. While Boss wolf get his mana, enemy already played his strategy to get you down. Boss changes nothing after the cast.


Up this topic again. Here us at last!


Please does any one have any news of Boss Wolf stats being fixed for the near future?


No news at all. But a new bag. with 115% counterattack got a hit from Marjana for 890 and counterattacked on 210! Next turn got a hit on another hero on 1024 and guess what? Zero counterattack! ZERO! Great fix :+1:


Not sure but fix was supposed to be for 15.1 release. There’s a whole thread about it.


The devs focus needs to be any where else other than changing strength stats for pure cosmetic reasons. The subject of heros strength I believe should the least and last on the list of many fixes that need to be addressed first!! Nerfed heros!!, ascension mats!, summon percentage!, cost per summon!, counter attack issues etc… I cant help but repeat nerfed heros! I understand balance is necessary but heros like boss wolf got nerfed because of synergy with a holy hero!. 1 holy hero!!! Not because he was over powered like Athena and was a force to be reckoned with!!! But because of synergy with Guin!!! That was the reasoning for throwing our hard earned money in the garbage!!! What The F@#K!!!


The change in hero power number is not cosmetic. It is attempting to improve war matching, which is currently the top source of complaints on the forums (aside from the usual “give me more heroes!” and “now I don’t have enough mats for all the heroes I’ve gotten!”).


Installed 15.1 no changes on boss wolf. Devs, look at this thread! Fix boss wolf!


Just rolled this guy as my 2nd 5*. Read the stats and was incredibly disappointed… He’s the 5* Oberon.


Er, but he’s only a 3*


My bad. I read obakan. You are right. I stand in shame.


Really liked this character and got him, alas, after reading about his nerf…he sits in the line up…:frowning:


SG, any news on Boss Wolf? Like when there will be a fix for his ultra slow mana or missing defense buff!?? Anything please!? A reply on this would be greatly appreciated!


Sorry all, I saw the is fixing GM on the agenda thread and couldnt resist!. Lol dont know why but I am a boss wolf fan. He’s been great for me. Just wish they put him back the way he was in beta. So is fixing him on the agenda dev’s? Sg can u please chime in on any news!?


There is already a lengthy discussion for this (which you posted on). Best to continue this discussion there.


You’re right, will do.


Guin is overpowered; I wish she was nerfed to the point where she’s just a great tank like Ares, Aegir, Justice, etc.

Then Boss Wolf could be restored to a similar strength tank.

And then what I’d REALLY like is if the synergy between Boss Wolf & Guinevere was as powerful as Guin is now (not unkillable!), as it really should be hard(er) and more exceptional to get something like that.

I don’t expect this to happen, but I’d love it for the game if it did.