Fix Boss Wolf please


Nice idea. But if we look on them separate, even Khagan better then the wolf. But wolf is an event hero


Back to top one more time! developers, please hear us!


There are few insanely overpowered heroes - Guin being far and away the most overpowered followed by Ares, Hel, Albi, and Athena (just to name a few and in no particular order.) The issue I have is not overpowered heroes but underpowered heroes - Groot (horghal), Richard, Thorne, Elkanen, and of course boss Wolf (just to name a few.) There should be no garbage 5* heroes and the simple fact is that if you get an underpowered 5*, you are better off saving your items for ascension and spending them on a different 5*. 5* heroes are extremely hard to come by in comparison to other heroes and should all be good. I was so excited about having a top tier non guin tank when I first saw him and he just got nerfed to pieces. Please fix him. Please.


Agreed I have Quintus, Wolf and Thorne and they are all bad i won’t waste my hard earned mats on them until they are fixed


I also have Quintus, Thorne and wolf. I Stare at their hero cards all the time like I’m gonna have some great idea on which to level first. Then reality hits and I dont even bother. I really would like to level boss wolf but too bad he’s been nerfed so bad. I agree that dev’s should hear us n put back wolf to the original stats b 4 he was nerfed but make him useless against holy ( or something along those lines ) so that players that have him can actually put him to some use. Pplz spent money on event heros to get hero cards that are useless. I dont find that fair to those who spent their hard earned money. Devs please hear us.


So Up again! Fix this guy, please!


Give him Spirit Link and problem solved lol… :smiley:


I simply don’t get why he has VERY SLOW mana. He is the defensive version of Elena without the attack - a weak and creativeless Hero.

How can such a bad ■■■ hero be so useless? For heaven sake, his mana special needs an increase. I understand how Alasie is -24% but Boss Wolf should be at a bare minimum -33% even if it’s only for 2 turns. If they are going to keep it this way, his mana build needs to be AVERAGE.

Don’t let Boss Wolf SUCK! You can make it better!


Developers, Star hearing us!


Been a while so figured it’s time to move this back up the list hear is devs please stop ignoring it pleas


Wait for September. Then go at it again if not fixed. My advice.


I think it’s safe to say SG is looking at tweaking Boss Wolf, as they are testing some changes in Beta. Could be sooner than Sept. Or Not. Just know they are hearing you.


Does anyone know the changes that SG is looking into for Boss Wolf in Beta?


Not sure I just hope they make him a decent hero. He would be a great center/tank if his special was better


I would love to see some changes. I remember my feelings, when i got him, shouldn’d be a sad emotion :zap:


Well everyone looks like they tried to fix wolf with the 3 to 4 turns and increasing Mana reduction to 34 or something. What are your thoughts? I think taking him from very slow to slow would be the final peice they need to make him a good hero, they definitely took a step in the right direction today, but I still think a very slow hero must be devistating and he’s closer but still not quite there.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a production hero get a change to mana speed, so don’t hold your breath on that one.

These buffs to Boss Wolf were enough to start ascending him, but will be stopping at 2/60 for a bit due to lack of mats.


Mana speeds have been changed before.
One example:

  • Jack O’Hare - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, mana speed from slow to fast, base attack slightly increased;


Thoughts after the update?


Still weak. They should just change the mana debuff with Reposte or Defense buff + a small mana buff and call it a day.

The only reason Boss is class C(D) hero is because someone didn’t thought of Guinn in the first place. It’s a ■■■■ shame a 5* event hero to be considered worse than any 4*