Fix Boss Wolf please

Hmmm…Vela hits three and Telly loses mana debuff…maybe I should keep the druids on Boss for a bit lol

What’s your line-up now?

I, too, have retired Boss Wolf after 14 (dog) years of service. Sold him to China for some quick cash lol. Jk.

My new defense is doing all right. :slight_smile:

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What kind of changes they will do? Any ideas??

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Playing around with different Yurple defenses with Ursena, Seshat, and Clarissa


I have no clue honestly

I hope boss wolf gets a little love.

We just need more viable tank varieties in the game

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Yea think SG successfully killed that this year.

Maybe next year.

I dont see any possible changes to wolf that can save him now

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I love the misfits … boss is like a mail order kit

You get a box of parts — that with some time and effort; You can do quite well

The problem is 1) Druid class clashes with his organic style and 2) I’m the work you’d put in isn’t worth it because a Telly type card comes prebuilt for no skill

Boss = Gru
Telly = Vector (oh yea!)

I know the topic is old and BW’s buff has been asked for a while. Then Malosi was introduced, which might be proven the last nail in the coffin. That said, I just couldn’t abandon him and strip him of his 19+ emblems. I’ve brought him back to my defense 'cause somehow I’ve had some hope observing Tellie’s balancing movements.

So here are a couple more suggestions I’d like to make for the sake of BW’s owners and the other very slow heroes:

1/ Changing his special to ‘all allies got +24% mana generation for 4 turns; all enemies got -34% mana generation for 4 turns; these effects can’t be dispelled’. I don’t think this is too much considering Malosi can prevent all this from happening and worst case scenario, there’d be Gazelle, another Holy. Also, this will make him viable for flanks and wings as well.

2/ Add the Very Slow mode to Raid Tournaments (well, since we have Very Fast mode), so these very slow guys would be on the same level playing field at least once in a while. Introduce very slow 3* and 4* as well for this purpose.

3/ Create a ‘Very Slow Bonus’ to encourage people to use them together. I’m thinking Defense and Mana Generation Bonus.

P.S: hey devs, you did put your time and effort creating these heroes in the first place, so why not love them equally?!


Hi everyone!
In the recent hero-balance by SG many useless heroes transformed into viable (in some cases very good and game-changing) heroes. I’m happy for the players who own those heroes.

Some heroes got their mana speed increased, but I think if any heroes needed a speed buff the most, that would be the Boss Wolf. I have him in my hero roster and I’m not even willing to spend 3* ascension mats on him. Many 4* purple heroes are more worthy to ascend than him. I’m very thankful to have Kageburado and Clarissa on my side and did not waste royal tabards on Boss Wolf.

To be fair, he has good defensive stats, and an interesting special skill but when you cannot use it, it becomes useless. A “very slow” mana speed makes Boss Wolf one of the worst heroes of the game. Even a “slow” mana speed instead of “very slow” would make him a good hero.

I have seen some people on the forum having the same argument about Guardian Owl. What is your idea? Don’t you think some of the very slow heroes need a speed buff to become viable?

As much as I personally would like this…I vote no, and i am probably the biggest Boss Wolf advocate in the game…and, humility aside has as much success with him as anyone.

How was Boss wolf before getting nerfed?

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I would love to find a reason to level my Boss Wolf. I love his tanky stats and appearance, but his speed and special is underwhelming. Even at average speed, I don’t think he would be OP. He would need something more to his special. Small heal to all allies, small direct damage to all enemies, defensive buff for allies, or just something extra…

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He should get the initial ability to resist ailments that prevent him from casting ailments so that Malosi would only prevent him from casting buffs.

Additionally he could get a 10% direct mana cut.

Very slowies should be devastating or will get dusty.


Your posts are why I leveled Boss Wolf. I really like this hero, but now regret levelling him due how the game is changing name leaving behind very slow heroes without adjusting them for the changing meta.


I don’t regret levelling boss wolf. I just wish I could still use him.


I really hope that with relaese 13.0 with red hood You will fix him back, as it must be. Or add counterattack for more mowes. Dear SG. You can’t make 5* heroes worster than it must be in game. Give him back his armor, he is 5* counterattacker! Wake up please.I all really say no word about red hood that I didn’t get at event.

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Or change his name to purple hood :grinning:

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Boss Wolf’s Riposte should last 5 turns, especially since he is very slow.

Please vote up!


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