Fix Atomos


Atomos, who’s that? :thinking:

I also have bad heroes that need to be fixed. :innocent:

I’d like to see Richard beeing very fast, Athena fast, Musashi should heal all and Elk commit AoE with a huge elemental debuff. :wink:


It’s actually not premature… I have him, tried to use him on offense and defense at 3.70 and he flat out sucks. On offense, his damage is junk. On defense, he’ll die before ever firing 9 times out of 10. And if by some miracle he does fire, his damage is crap and a little heal over time will top you right back off.

The whole design of Atomos is stupid. He should be a stronger version of Gadrius or be average mana with a damage boost.

SG really screwed this hero up… The crappy part is if there’s ever a buff, it will be 6 months from now. :frowning:

I tried him with a full Atlantis family (Triton, Proteus, Poseidon, Ariel, Atomos), 4* crit troops (all level 10+), and he’s still a pile of junk.

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He is simply bad in every way he can.
He is slow
His dmg is low
And his revive thing can be dispelled
So here are my ideas:

  1. Leave him slow but bump his dmg up to that level where he could do more dmg than quintus if the enemy has 50% or more mana. Also make his revive undispellable.
  2. Leave him slow, but give him a small dmg buff, some HoT for the team and/or extend his revive skill to nearbys.
  3. Bump him up to avg speed and give him some HoT for the team or any other team support ability while making his revive undispellable.
  4. Leave his dmg as it is but bump him up to fast. Make his revive last for only 2 or 3 turns but make it undispellable or extend it to nearbys but leave it as dispellable.

Well, he doesn’t hit so hard, and he’s slow. SG must change something for him like they did for aegir for example.

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I have 6 almost maxed Atlantis family heroes and he is indeed bad. On attack he has some minor use but because the buff is lost on death he rarely gets it back before dying again, he o ly gets back 32% hp so two normal attacks will kill him.

On defense hes worse the buff can be stolen by hatter (who I also have) or simply dispelled. And if that isnt an option the 32% health is so easy to just kill him then throw a few tiles his way to kill him again. Or just use a special on him after the revive, unlike revives with alberich or mother north he doesnt get a heal to combat the problem with him.

In his current state even with 5 of 5 Atlantis family he is incredibly weak.

He should be made average speed with the buff being undispellable, at a minimum. Drop it to 3 turns if so desired, but that’s minimum.

He should also get a small heal over time on revive or be given 50% hp not 32%. Aegir got the proper buff to make him very useable, but atomos is simply a badly designed hero that has little use in almost any scenario (especially given his ability is barely better then the fighter talent)


A hero being in most top 100 teams does indeed Indicate how good they are, it shows which heroes are more capable of holding a team at high trophies when someone logs out.

The other thing that makes someone qualified is time fighting the hero, I have fought hundreds and hundreds of guinevere, gravemaker, zaline, alaise, alberich, ect…they are strong because they punish a bad board, atomos doesmt do that, he doesnt excel at anything. Aegir was weak before but now he is a solid hero, the same needs to be done to atomos.

Atomos is one of the 3 legendaries from the main family of all of S2, he shouldn’t be one of the worst legendaries in the game. As it stands your better off taking almost any other hero including 4 star heroes until he gets reworked.


I have a wild idea. Just make it so his revive cant be debuffed. Itll make him into that annoying mosquito that refuses to die. Thoughts?

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That would be a big change, but it will be not enough to make him decent. His special dmg is bad compared to Quintus which is also a mediocre hero.

Switching him to average mana in addition could solve that. But with a resurect buff that last 4 turns unstead of 5.

Or greatly higher his max special dmg so it’s more powerfull than Quintus. So he can really be an annihilator

Or also, spreading his buffs to nearby allies could making him a big pain.

Or completely rewritte him


From the discussion from Atomos – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion:


He needs fix asap but sgg will not do that


I maxed Atomos and can confirm that he is rubbish. I did so because I have Ariel & Poseidon maxed as well & hoped the family defensive bonus will make up for his glaring drawbacks.

  • By the time he is ready to fire the battle is already won or lost
  • Low damage most of the time. If the battle is drawn out & he does fire the enemy mana will be low because they already fired or you got a very good board that charged all the nature heroes anyway
  • Dropped 100+ trophies after swapping him with several heroes. He works nowhere.
  • His damage to monsters (no mana) is so bad it is pointless to bring him along

I maxed him for the same reason, but then again he has a place on my Atlantis Family trap team. Not because he’s good because hes crap, but because ariel having over 1100 defense is incredibly hard to kill (I run 5 Atlantis heroes defense for fun)

While I think loosing 5% defense to drop him would be more valuable it’s fun to see my 3900 team hold 2600 trophies vs 4.2k players who underestimate how hard ariel is to kill (highest base defense hero in the game with the Atlantis buff)


I try it too. My Atomos ll be maxed soon. I have 3 good hero from atlantis. It s just 10% def bonus but ir s better than zero.


Wow! He was a doomsday hero! That would of been no fun to play against at all unless all of that was dispellable


Except that this never, ever existed in beta, according to multiple active beta testers, including myself. That card isn’t even close to what the final card is in terms of skill and the devs have yet to make such a drastic difference in skill set while a card is in beta.

Believe me, I have two of the guy and I’d love that card much, much more.


He may be wack as a user player but as the boss on these stages he’s no joke. I feel you though, I thought he was good reading what he could do, plus I’m a fan of the resurrection :grin:


Except it did exist and I seen it live on youtube…I actually screenshot it and posted here but the moderator deleted and posted the stats instead.

If it was a fake card or never in beta…they wouldnt have deleted the pic I posted which showed the above stats


They deleted it because it was misinformation - cards are EASILY modified and posted - oh, I forgot - if it’s on the internet it is automatically true, lol. The only images that they don’t delete are hack jobs or obvious ones like Chuck Norris. That person (and I have seen the card you refer to) has some skills.

Multiple active beta testers stating that card never was in beta should trump what you saw on some russian hacks youtube channel. The fact that the card version you saw was nowhere near the final card outcome in terms of skills is also a MAJOR clue it was a modified image. What it likely was is someone’s wishful thinking on how that crummy card SHOULD have been designed. Atomos was always a weak card in beta. Never desirable, just like it is today.

Edit: I found your source again which has Kage and Poseidon cards as well that are all way off in stats. It clearly someone looking for click bait.


Lmao…you have entirely too much time on your hands…you’ve waisted all that time to investigate only to respond to a old post I’ve long forgotten about and could not care less…

Great job…you win nothing :sunglasses::+1:


The 60 seconds it took to google ‘atomos beta empires and puzzles’ and find it was well worth the investment is stopping the spread of misinformation you keep posting, and responding to.

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