Fix Albrecht please (bugs?)

Disclaimer: I don’t really care about his super all that much, this isn’t a balance issue, and I’m not salty over losing, I’ve beat plenty of Albrecht and I understand there are ways of dealing with various champs.

My problem is that dead champs still gain mana (first issue). So when Albrecht resurrects a champion, they inevitably have 100% mana, and they use their super on the same turn immediately after being resurrected (second issue). I find it hard to believe that this was an intended interaction, that dead champions still gain mana as normal.

IMO one of two things needs to happen: That either dead champs don’t gain mana (ideal - realistically they should come back to life with 0) or that resurrected champs don’t get to use their super on the same turn they get resurrected (stop-gap fix).

I’d say this is a case of ‘working as designed’. It’s been like this for a year. People’s strategies for where to place Alby are based on the exact behavior you describe.


That’s a surprising problem, giving that dead heroes don’t gain mana. If you have examples of this happening, please share.

What’s (probably) happening is that a) when a hero is killed by tiles, they’ll get charged before dying, and b) they are revived with a mana regeneration boost (from Albys special). This often result in them being revived fully charged or getting immediately charged when getting revived.

Heroes are not inevitably revived with 100% mana, and I find it hard to believe this has never happened to you. If you have experienced heroes actually gaining mana while dead, it’s a bug, and it would be most welcome if you could pinpoint the circumstances or record it.

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