Five Stars Impossible to Pull

I’m sure everyone can agree with me on this, five stars are an extremely rare occurrence for many people. I for one, have not gotten a five star in 6 months. I have pulled 3 five stars in the last year and a half I have been playing the game. I have spent around $75 on this game and i was hoping since I was doing that that I’d get a five star. I was wrong. I recently stopped buying VIP passes after spending all of my iTunes gift card, so I do at least one pull per event. All of my friends and family hat play the game have been getting 2 five stars in a row on TC 20 and are pulling five star heroes from events constantly. When I looked at the chances for summons, I saw that there is a 0.9% chance at a legendary hero.

I use epic hero tokens, 300 gems when I get it, I have TC 20 running 24/7 and have gotten all 3s. Not even one 4 or 5*. It seems that ever since Zynga took over I haven’t gotten anything.

In my past experiences, I have bought a deal and then did a pull right after and got a five star. For people who don’t want to spend money on the game, it’s impossible to get a five star.

Hey Funny, I actually wish this were true. When I first started playing my very first summons was Musashi. I was thrilled, spent a very long time and tons of feeders and AM’s leveling him to 3/70 where he still sits. Had no idea what I was doing but I quickly learned it was wrong during my 1st AW

So I’ve stuck with special event summons to use my accumulated EHT and only really spend on Atlantis Summons.
Over the past several months I’ve received 3 Frida’s, Khagan, Anzogh, Margaret, Hel, Ranvir and just recently Yunan. I’m still finishing off a few of my 4* teams so they will wait. But it’s all luck, I’m usually pulling for Proteus or Wilbur during Atlantis and never expect to get a 5* let alone a HotM, it just sorta happens.
I’m perfectly happy with 4* and emblems for now. I have no plan of busting into the top 100. I play for fun and only use some of my disposable income. I try to keep it below 100 bucks a month (screwed that up a few times, Wife made sure to let me know)
My advice would be to concentrate on the Atlantis summons. Most of my alliance seems to have better luck with that. Plus don’t sweat not having a bunch of 5* because then you need a bunch of Ascension Materials also. 5* at 3/70 are weaker then most fully leveled 4*. Play to relax and enjoy the game.

May RNGesus bless you with a top 5* on your next summons. Good luck!!


Difficult, yes.

But not impossible. It certainly takes both luck and hard work.

Here’s a thread of awesome free rosters:

Best f2p

And here’s my crop in 14 months. All completely free. I had Liana too but, you know, fed her away…


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Look at this all grown and emblemed Kerridoc! In what? One day?



Almost, thanks to some assistance from a number of clever gentlemen. 40 hours I think


I was really hoping, for your sake, that thread was a joke. You really fed Lianna to Gormek, didn’t you? Wow, that’s painful.


That’s why his Gormie is now SuperGormie and even became a little more fat than the usual one.


Linky linky, clicky clicky

You Can Do It - 5* Pull


He did it.

We are in the same Alliance and he was found distraught, sitting in a corner, looking at his bare feet and mumbling “oh Lianna, Lianna…”

That was a very sad vision, especially for us who are used to see him in all his Bard grace and elegance.


I haven’t spend a dollar, and I have 31 5*
I took me time, patience and organization.
I have 4 camps at level 20 working full time.
And i’ve been very very lucky because I got three HOTM, and those are really difficult to get without spending money… But it is possible…
I got zimtikha, kunchen and ranvir…
And I only use epic tokens and 300 gems when I save them…


Same here, I got 3 HOTMs, I haven’t spend a single dollar in this game.

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to get 5* heroes without spending money but it’s very difficult, yes. It’s all about luck in the end.

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I’d add pale, bony and unsettling


Well, you’re the English Bard, my dear…

I would make a 10 page description if it was in my native language, but no one would read… :woman_shrugging:


That’s ok, it took me almost a year, a lucky Atlantis pull


there is day when it will be impossible to pull *5 , but there will be day that you will pull *5 even without trying. its about how you please ladyluck and rngesus.

my story , i did 110x pull at atlantis portal without pull Margaret HOTM at past atlantis , but this month , i got 2 Seshat even without trying from 6 Free EHT Tokens , no formula or math could answer how this happens , dont stressed too much and enjoy the game.

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Have a f2p player in my alliance who routinely finishes top 3 in war, has made it to #1 global, and places high on titans. It’s not impossible.


just happened , not impossible , just need to be positive


They will turn up @DiscoKittyKat8! Even if they don’t come in heaps - look at the post from @JonahTheBard: he’s got a really good roster but isn’t overloaded with 5s or shiny hotms. Still, he’s usually one of the top scorers in AW and on titans (top 500 alliance, at least).

Use what you have and learn how to use it best.


I haven’t had a 5 star drop for 6 month and summoned yesterday Yunan and got Horghall from TC20…so it is impossible.

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