Five Star Heroes

I am becoming frustrated with SG. I have played consistently now for close to two years on level68, but l lacked holy five star heroes. I have only one, even for other elements I have conventional heroes and lacked special ones. What do I need to do differently to get five star heroes? I have spent a decent amount on this game too.

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I feel that pain, buddy. Until the last month, I had zero five-stars in green after playing since September 2018. In the last month, I got Horghall from a summmon, and Lianna and Kadilen from TC20. It’s all random, and although your luck might be an outlier, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. It’s frustrating, but that’s the deal with RNG. If you are that desperate for a holy legendary, and you’re already spending money on the game, you could do a 10- or 30-pull from the elemental summon portal when the color is yellow, but I’d recommend being patient and just waiting for your luck to break. It finally did for me… in a big way.


when i first started this game i bought value pack , for 50 bucks you get one fix five star hero and 300 gems if i can remember…with current summon like lottery system to get 5 stars is kind of frustrated for low budget or c2p to get 5star heroes…the only way is that SG generously to offer value pack i mentioned above every 3-6 months…this probably is a win win situation to solve inequality among players…

Im in the noble boat. I have been playing for a year , i have at least two or more 5* per colour but i havent been lucky pulling greens . Ironically tonics seem to be falling from the sky in my account. While i have a few rings or even less tabards i made to gather 18 tonics.

Yep, RNG has been laughing at me lol.

Be patient friend , im running two tc 20 and hopefully someday i would pull a green 5* from there.

Good luck!


What do you need to do? 3 options. Take a second mortgage out on your home,find a new game, or play the game casual not expecting anything in return. Not trying to be a smartazz, but that’s really your only 3 options. You can spend more money and continue to get angry or you can delete it and download something that isn’t a mobile casino.


Do you use TC20? I’ve got almost all my 5* from there. Drops seem to have gone down at some moment, but just recently I got Justice (not the best, but is a Holy 5* at least).

Huh?! The only way to 100% get a 5* hero is, as far as I know, to place #1 in a challenge event…

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the leaderboard is always the same if you notice, other game has an option like that , just make those c2p ,low budget players happy …they still have to spend for the ascend mats but at least they have star hero they want for collection…

Patience is really the only advice. I’ve been playing almost two years and only had one Blue Five star and 9 Red five stars. Then on one pull I got Fenrir AND Raffeal. Best of luck to you.


Thank you. I will keep on trying. My TC20 has been giving me 3*.

Thank you, I will play not to expect anything.

I got 2 five stars, afterwards 3*s only.

I’ve gotten probably 6 from my tc20, but I’ve been in a dry spell for at least 4 to 5 months in my tc20.