Five star confusion? Too many options

Good morning everyone. I am seeking help in regards to my options for my next 5*.

I’ve attached my roster and mats. There are three things of note that have changed:

I have 12 rings now, and 4 darts, and 10 tonics.
Kiril is finished and I started working on buddy.
I drew Onatel off some Atlantis coins.

I’m not sure if I should max another green or hold on to them for something better. I don’t know if I should spend one set of rings since I’m not a fan of my current red 5*. Who should I spend my scopes on?

Dont sleep grazul her full team immunity can cause major issues. Kingston hits like a train as does Master Lepus. Those are the three I would look at working on from what I see. joon was also my first 5 star holy I capped never looked back hits like a truck and blind. I just to build my roster in a depth of variety but raids styles vary so build your roster so that you are comfortable is my best advice.


Thank you for the suggestions.

You think it is better to have two maxed Kingstons over more diversity?

Kadilen is just a decent hero. She hits all for decent damage considering her fast speed, and her buff is a bit situational (nice for taking hard sniper hits if they trigger by an unwanted combo). If it was me, I’d go with a 2nd Kingston over her though.

Elkanen is an offensive hero instead, who can keep himself alive thanks to his self-healing. He’s a lot better than many give him credit for, although I think he really needs cleric emblems to shine. I still can’t see me picking him over a 2nd Kingston though.

But with all that said, I think you’re overlooking Buddy in your green options! :open_mouth: He’s the only defense down hero in the 4* green group, and his defense + HP stats rival those of 5* heroes. I would personally recommend that you focus on him first, before any other green 5*.


Thanks for the feedback! I guess I forgot to note that I am actually working on Buddy right now. He is 4/1 at the moment and should be done well before Atlantis Rising finishes.


You have some great heroes to choose from!

Rigard (his cleanse is awesome and his costume will make him awesome-er), magni (he’s already at 3/70), grazul (she’s awesome against grave and drake), Kingston (if you had eve, I might’ve said elk or kad… but prob not), viv (over joon since you have Poseidon) are my color choices

Viv and magni both have the defense buff but with them being such different speeds, I don’t see that being an issue if you happen to run them on the same team.


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