Five Alberich defence

I am talking about a defence with 5x Alberich in it. I imagine that they always revive each other. Would it be unbeatable or an easy target?

I would welcome the challenge for sure. But I reckon boldtusk with 4 guardian falcons would be more than a match for it


That would be a very easy target. The don’t deal any damage and their specials don’t stack, so the attacker would have tons of options of how to beat them. I’d bring Boldtusk, Falcon, Gormek, Azlar, Caedmon - deal huge damage with red tiles and remove the heal over time.


I’ve joked about an all Kashhrek team before… really though I think the problem with any defense team of a single color is the attacker can just load up on the color strong against it, bringing debuffers or other skills as necessary, so that makes it advantage attacker.

It sure would be a fun experiment though!

On a related note:

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Change Cademon with Wukong and we have a deal :slight_smile:

I hate raiding with wu; like to keep my hits consistent. Also red tiles will already do 800 damage with falcon and Gormek active.

A mostly red ream, seems to be a good option. But before you killed the last one, every alberich will be revived and the time will running out. You lose :grimacing:

Nah, with the dmg boost you get you would kill them with 1 tile each. If theres one or two you can’t line up the tiles for, specials will take care of that.

Maybe it works but often there are not enough red tiles.

But when the enemy team deals virtually no damage, you have all the time in the world the look for those red tiles.

We will see when HOTM is available for everyone in summon or TC and the first on gets him 5x.

With Melendor or Sabrina you would eliminate her healing.

The healing but not the reviving. “I’m not a moderator”

I would take LJ, Caedmon, Zeline, Melendor, Wu.

Hmm? I’m not a Mr Meeseeks. :grin:

I’d love to see this contest, but without damage dealing, I think it would be loooong. Do you expect to win by extending the contest then?

Why not take a few Aurons along and prevent them from firing, and fry them with cards that do serious damage?

Yes, by extending the contest :grin:
Maybe SG could implement sth. like a simulation for fights :thinking:

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