Fish of the water!

You guys should put fish in the moat! It would be fun to see them swimming around and jumping out of the water!!

New PoV daily mission: Kill 10 fish :laughing:


If you catch Poseidon you have to start over

If you catch Ariel you win cake

If you catch Atomos you get crabs

Oh yeah, and uh…

the cake is a lie


Does anyone else feel bad when they kill 10 ducks for POV and there’s one left in the flying flock?

I usually kill it too so it doesn’t have to fly on without its family.

I usually tell the remaining duck to let the rest of his friends know what just happened here! :sunglasses:


Uh huh…
That’s why you have to look for ducks so long when the next challenge pops up!

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Good one!!! It had to be 20 characters.

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