First world problems... Too many 5* single source damage dealers?

Good morning all,
In the past 28 days, I received sartana, magni and joon from tc 20 (after getting next to nothing for the first 100 or so pulls). Now I face a dilemma. I always imagined my 5* team being lianna (whom I had for a while), joon, sartana or hel and then ares and one of the two ice ladies that decrease armor (Athena or isarnia). Instead, I will have 4 straight damage dealers and probably boldtusk as a healer.
Problem is that currently, on Titans and in raids, when Grimm or tiburtus decrease armor, or when Wu’s ult is up, lianna and sartana wreck whatever they hit. Soon, Grimm will be magni and Wu will be joon… And am I getting anything better here?
Or should I ascend joon, but wait till HotM come back and I can get Athena or isarnia? And if I am to keep and ascend both fully, what if I get marjana? I know each of them is good, but Is team consisting of 5 single damage dealers really good?

Let’s say there’s different approaches based if you are a spender or not.
This game is really changed in 1 year, and what was the best before isn’t anymore right now.
Fast shooter killers are always good heroes, but if you have money to spend quite surely in the future will coming one after another better heroes, so they slowly but surely fade away back on your wishlist.

That said, one thing is sure right now: Joon is the best yellow even among HotM, so at least on him you don’t have any doubt.

Magni: probably i put him in standby cause the next HotM is blue, and a very good one. If you can try for her, i suggest to do so. If you can’t, go for Magni and don’t wait for Isarnia or even more Athena. Grimm can still help you for that.

And now, Sartana: honestly as a Hell user and great lover of Panther, i don’t have any space for her. But she is a great hero, probably the best after the other 2, and you already have her (and you need a really great luck for Panther). So right now is your best choice, and by the time Hell return (?) you probably have material even for her.


Why would you have a “single 5* team”?

People don’t have “a” team, they have a lot of different lineups they use. You can run both Wu and Joon together. If you come across a purple tank you might want to.

PPS How did you “have Lianna for awhile”? Did you accidentally eat her?

Seems like Lianna is still there.

By 5* team, do you mean your raid defense team?

I also don’t see what the problem is with Grimm and Magni together or Wu and Joon together as long as it’s not a defense team you are talking about.

Are you aware of color stacking and Wu’s usefulness against all titans?

It sounds like you have HotM envy. I know I do. Almost all HotM are fast mana with one to three additional effects, with rumors of a very fast mana red HotM in the works. In war, fast mana is king.

Also 5* take a lot of ascension materials and XP. 200% of the 3* ascension items and 212% of the XP of a 4* hero (Note 1). Almost all of which you lose if you use them to level another 5* hero.

The question is what do you NEED right now?

If you want to join an alliance fighting 10* titans, and rumors of 14* titans, than 5* sniper tanks are always a good investment. Grimm has a very nice attack stat, but most snipers have better defense and HP ( helpful against titans and raid defense healers hiding in the corner ).

I don’t see Joon being replaced by a HotM anytime soon and his blind is insane, so he is probably the safest bet to take to at least 5* 3.60 ( still a lot of unrecoverable XP ).

If you don’t have a good rainbow 4* 4.70 team and a good rainbow 4* 3.60 team, you might want to concentrate on 4* heroes.

4* hero teams with double strong, or double strong and double neutral color, can do more damage than a team of all 5* against a titan, quest boss or a partially damaged war defense team. ( Note 2 ). This happens when the 4* team has good heroes with also good synergy ( AKA they compliment each other’s special skills ) while the 5* team has poor specials/ they don’t stack/ short duration/ minor effect/ etc.

Finally reflect red and reflect green challenge events will add three 5* heroes for a total of six new 5* heroes.

If you need the 5* sniper tanks now, you will still need them later.

If you don’t have enough good 4* heroes ( all heroes are not good, some suck, looking at you Oberon & Thorn ), then the 5* heroes you have are not going anywhere and can be leveled later.

Note 1

Note 2

First and foremost, thank you all for responding. After reading responses I realized that I should have done a better job giving a more complete picture, so I am sorry for making you theorize things without all the info.
So… I have spent money on the game, but I think I am done for the foreseeable future… And won’t waste space here getting into why.
I have 6k in gems. 11 epic hero tokens. And 6 epic ascention items for blue, red and light. I have 3 tonics and 2 tabards… In other words, months away. And if I am to take advice from forum, chance of epic ascention item pull from 600 gem pull is non existent so it’s a waste of resources.
In other words, i am looking for all around 5* team that will get supported by 4*. I can ascend 1 blue and wondering if magni or hero of the month are worth it. Joon seems like a no brainier and will ascend him next.
I have following 5* - lianna 4/80, alberich 3/70, both elves 1/1, magni 3/70, 2 khagan 2/60, Elena 2/60, joon 2/20, justice 2/60, sartana 4/80, quintus 2/60, Oberon 1/1.
I have following 4* - boldtusk, Wu, Grimm, kiril, caedmon, tiburtus… All 4/70 and then every other 4* other than 3, green healer and goblin and red aoe dude at 3/60. I also have additiobal boldtusk, Wu, kiril, etc.
I have ton of 3* maxed out.
Hope this helps

I do not want to get in the way of more knowledgable, but I suggest you look at top 100 on trophy list.

A second thought is to go to their alliances and see lower tier members as the big guys often mentor.

Third thougjt is find a good teaching alliance yourself.

In blue, both Magni and Alaise (I’m assuming that’s what you mean by HOTM?) are worth telescopes. Ascend either with no regrets.

For holy, yes Joon.

For red, I would do Khagan before Elena. But probably hold off for someone better, but I have a monthly budget for this.

When you get tabards, go with Sartana. The only 2 better IMO are either not attainable (Hel) or crazy bad odds (Panther…roughly 0.14% per pull). Sartana is excellent.

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I hope that one day I’ll talk about which 5* I’ll choose. #keepdreamin #no5starsplayer

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