First time placing Top 10 in Legendary—video of the runs included)

I am really excited to have finished 9th in Legendary this month. My previous best was 17th last month and I have been 4th in Rare.

I made a video of my top scores for the 15 levels of legendary. Enjoy!

Here it is:


Congratulations, I’m in awe of high finishers :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy the rewards :trophy:


Congrats :beer::hotdog: cool video

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Thanks … knowing how hard it was to push that far, I can’t imagine how someone had +35K points more than I managed. Crazy high scores.


Grats and ty for sharing your run!

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How many WE flask or paid refills did you use iv seen some other videos of the battle items that someone made for using just for a event and it was alot haha.

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Gratz dear.
Its not easy. :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Very impressive :smiley:. Couldn’t say I did so well myself…

Great work!!

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I couldn’t guess ow many flasks … but went through about 600 of each of the weapons I was using if that gives any indication :smiley: I am not very efficient with my weapons as I am still really learning the read this type of board so I waste a bunch of weapons chasing bad boards.


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