First time over 300 Gems

Thank you …

Ok so I took your advice and spent the 300… here is what I got.

So I guess this pops my 4* cherry!! I’m guessing he goes in the center go the team now?


Congrats a very useful 4* will improve you Titan performance too.


I really hate the fact that I can’t just type thanks and have to type 20 freakin characters!!! ■■■ is up with that???

Congrats!! Tiburtus will help you immensely with everything going forward, start working on him as soon as possible and replace Layla for him on your team once his stats exceed hers. That’s a great first pull!

Thank you!
I already replaced her with Mr. T… :smile:

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Pity the fool (‘70s reference to A-team). Nobody eats until Mr. T is full.


Tiburtus is one you’ll always use; he’s great for Titans, events, attacking and defense. Now hopefully you’ll pull a blue 3* from the summons or wait until you get another 300 and pull from ice elemental and you’ll be set! After that, I’d save gems and only do pulls during events and/or Atlantis (if you decide to do more pulls). That or stockpile your gems while you get your TC13 up and running, and go from there!


Thank you
Now for … Ugg this 20 rule is so stupid!!

You shouldn’t level 2* heroes at all. Those are feeders heroes. Stop feeding 2* heroes.

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Good for you to reach out for help so early in your game play. I hope you’re in a good teaching alliance. If not, check out the thread created.

I’d link it but my skills are limited … I’m sure another player will post it for you.

A helpful alliance will be of the most benefit to you. Good luck and have fun!

If you struggle to pass your map levels then Sha Ji (2* yellow) is the strongest healer you can obtain from regular summons and trainings. He has helped me out a lot in the early stages of my game. I would just replace Ragnhild with Sha Ji then.

What’s the current level of your training camps?

awesome pull. Tiburtus is important in a lot of aspects of the game!

First, congrats on Tibertus, he is useful forever.

Second, if you are f2p (fight or free to play), don’t worry about investing in 3* heroes, they will be your foundation for months to come. I’m 100% f2p and have amassed a decent bench of levelled 3-5* over 8 months and sit comfortably in platinum tier.

Third, the 20 characters thing is a deterrent to people flaming and spamming threads.

Most people put something like ‘20 characters’ after a brief message :wink:

All the best e&p terminology can be found here:

Jargon Fictionary

If you are enjoying the game, the one thing I might consider spending real money for is the VIP pass. $5 will buy you 900 gems (30 per day), 2nd builder (will let you get to TC13 in30 days with efficient play), a 2nd daily summons and some loot tix. I totally respect F2P (free to play) but have never regretted the VIP pass which makes me C2P (cheap to play).

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I don’t know why people say don’t level your 2* heroes. Before you collect a 3* of that color those 2* heroes can get you surprisingly far. There was a time i had three 4* heroes, one 3*, and one maxed 2* on my rainbow team. That 2* (zudak, as i recall) served me well in both regular gameplay and wars, until i had collected enough leveled 3-4* heroes. Also, once you get your rainbow team up to all 3* the color i recommend you focusing on is green. Belith is a fantastic 3* healer and since she’s a 3* you’re much more likely to get her vs a 4*.

The logic behind not leveling 2* is that by the time Bane is fully leveled you are likely to have your 2nd 3*. I would definitely choose doubling or even tripling an element with 3* over a rainbow team with 2* heroes. Of course if ALL your 3* heroes are fully leveled, you might consider leveling a 2*.

ThatGuy is right that I wouldn’t spend any gems in your position on anything other than elemental summons for the time being (with the exception of special event summons). Always just use the gems and elemental summons on the color your weakest in with your current lineup. You’ll want to have at least a minimum of 30 heroes total for war purposes, but for right now, just keep up those elemental summons as often as you can. DO NOT waste gems on things like: increased hero capacity, additional team slot, speeding up any kind of production, or reloading your wanted quests ASAP, it’s all just a waste in comparison.

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If I had to do it all over I’d use my first gems elemental pulls where I didn’t have 3* heroes. Once I had a 3* though I’d horde the gems as others have mentioned until you’ve played the game a bit.

Especially with VIP I’d also probably buy all the 50 gem hero storage slots as they are solid investments/buys.

Will second the 2* healer panda (lacking a 3* healer). I ran him for a long time.

Agree. Mass save for the big event pulls.

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