First time I beat the last level of a Trial

This was two days ago, during the latest Trial.

Despite reaching Level 30, I used to avoid the third and last level because the enemies have SO MUCH HP.

And as you can see from this screenshot, my team wasn’t particularly great either. Gunnar has only 3 Class Levels, Buddy has 9, Chao is level 4¤15, and Prisca and Tyrum are both 3¤50 with zero Class Token spent on them. Carpet bombing and health potions are the only reason I beat the stage.

Oh, and yes, the #1 Tibs fangirl is back in this forum, still playing the game occasionally. :smile: I spent last month on vacation in Corsica (where Internet connection is shaky), then did an internship for twelve days in management work. And watching Pokémon news.

I also love how Lianna complimented my archery skills even though my team HAS ZERO ARCHERS YOU BLIND ELF!


Congrats! That’s really impressive with only two 4*s. Hopefully this will be the first of many completions for you :slight_smile:


That first one feels great, doesn’t it? Congratulations. Make sure you post on the excellent threads @zephyr1 sets up for each trial. I like going back to previous threads and seeing my progress each time, as well as keeping up with others who are making the climb.

Also agree with @Wharflord… beating it with that team is quite impressive. And I thought my team for this one was underpowered.


Wow, congratulations! And thanks for sharing. I used to carpet bomb only if I had an almost full team of 4s and 5s (even unleveled) to bring along… but you doing it with only two 4s has given me the confidence to try it for trials where I have mostly 3s available.


Not to mention there’s a Prisca, one of the worst 3*.


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