First time going into the Diamond Arena but the wanted raid chest is still Platinum

First time I manage to reach the diamond but my disappointment was great when I opened the wanted raid chest. The loot was still platinum. I checked the raid tab in EP and it shows still platinum. EP has robbed me a diamond chest. Please compensate me !

Just guessing here, but maybe you got caught by the + and - from other people raiding you, and opened at just the wrong instant. The difference in loot is real, but not that big. Just make sure it says “Diamond” before you claim next time. You’ll be fighting your way back into diamond every day for a while, but sooner or later you’ll be able to hold it.

Good one! I already can see the well deserved compensation! One minor mana and one strong rope. That’s about the usual difference between platinum and diamond chests… made me smile :blush: Don’t get your hopes high. Aim low and you won’t be dissapointed.

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For me it’s a big milestone to reach the diamond.I know the difference in loot is low. I want to make a point about the bug. The screenshot shows clear evidence of the mismatch. I want to know how SG is going to fix it.

It was a big milestone for all of us, so, congrats. Diamond loot, though, ain’t worth the trouble. If you keep playing, you’ll find yourself keeping above 2400 at all times, as you strenghten your defense. Diamond arena is a personal achivement for early players, more about the teams you get to fight there than about the loot. Good luck with your raiding.
Still, if you think SG would lift a finger to look into it, submit a support ticket. In the game (options/support/support), not here on the forum. Complains here on the forum are not taken under considerstion by SG. Even so, they’ll, most likely, answer you that you’re dealing with a visual bug that does not affect gameplay. That’s the generic answer for such issues.

Congrats on getting to diamond. As pointed out the loot ain’t much better. I even drop back down to platinum on purpose as somethimes it does give me somthing decent, when I havent opened a chest in there for a few weeks today I got a troop token and before that I got a tonic :+1:

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