First TC 20 recruit a-brewing. 🍺

Dont worry my first TC 20 was a graymane !
Today later i will be pulling another TC 20 Hero.
I Hope for a 5* if not caedmon or kiril would please me a lot

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Wow, first TC20 session pull and a 5*. Don’t think I hear too many of this happening (I think I heard one or two in my alliance). I didn’t get my first 5* until a month after my first TC20. Awesome news!

Hope even more good news comes around for you, TC20 pulls had been one of my favorite pass time activity in this game, while I keep getting heroes added that I couldn’t get out of summoning portals and every time one jumps in is another for the collection.

Until I got all the season 1 3* and 4*, and most of the 5* and duplicates starts to come in and get fed off, and I am still missing the same 5 Legendary heroes for almost a year now.

Again, awesome first pull with a 5*!

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i have been playing a year come May. But i know what you mean.

always exciting

kinda hard to keep up the 100 recruits needed AND do the feeder heroes

I have 3 x TC20 queued up each for about 30+ days of production, just so I can keep trying to get the 5* I am still missing, the only reason I am not doing 4 is because I still need one to get some feeder heroes generated to feed these 5* who has high demands for feeders to advance. Recruits will become less of an issue than Food (it’s still 295k a pop) later, as Atlantis Rises typically generates more recruits than one might know what to do with. For me, every time I have some spare recruits and adequate amount of food (without hitting below 6 digits), I just up-tick one of my Legendary training queue by one.

Horghall might not be a very highly rated hero, but still a 5* nevertheless. He is the last one on my current 5* bench that is still sitting at 1^1, and the others are already being worked on. I just might end up working on him sooner than later if I don’t get the others soon.

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that is cool. i will have to do Atlantis more often then. and i need to upgrade my houses a bit to accommodate so many of our dear brethren. good info, thank you @Shohoku79

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