First TC 20 recruit a-brewing. 🍺

here it is, my first 100 going into the frying pan

I will post when i get the hero what it is


Good luck! I hope something good comes out of it for you. I remembered my first TC20 session being a long time coming, focus fire to SH20, the Iron Storages, the Food Storages, the Legendary Research… Then finally the first cake batter in for the baking.

Sure after much anticipation the first that came out was Graymane, but still, about a month later I got my first 5* in the game with Azlar.


ooh. nice. i heard someone else say they got a 4* purple and thanks

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Oh, it’s about 20% that you’d get a 4* based on player compilations. Speaking of purples, TC20 did spit out my first 4* Purple (first 4* out of the TC20 too) in the game in Cyprian, which I still use to this day.

Now while you wait, go ahead and start pumping your other TCs up to speed, it’s more economical to run multiple TC20s than have a single one that runs all your Legendary trainings.

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good idea. i will try

Best of luck!!

Feel free to add your collections & data to this thread:

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ah, thank you. Maybe i will deture @littleKAF over here from the counting game to merge? will you be a dear kaffy and do so?

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I don’t remember my 1st TC20 hero (maybe Gormek?) but I do remember my 2nd and 3rd ones: Domitia and Domitia #2
good luck.


Hawkmoon was my first and third. Lol. Hope yours starts off better.

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:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Twins eh? Sounds like a good pull.

I sure hope not her. I pulled 8 of her so far out of tc13(?).

Best of luck. I got fairly lucky and pulled 3 x 5 stars in the first 14 days. Good things can happen.


I just collected on my TC20 just moments ago, and i got this guy!!!



Nice pull! My first TC20 will be ready in 2 days. Wishing you many more 5☆’s.

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Hot dayum!!!

Was actually just thinking about you and wondering how the first one went lol

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Wow, congratulations!

My TC20 has done nothing but spit out 3* heros.

Well, maybe a 4* at some point but I couldn’t be sure on that.

For sure no 5*

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nice congrats!

20 grats

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hope it graces you like it did me! and thank you!

i used a explicative as well. lol.

Thank you!

thank you!

I’m so excited!

Edit: i jus set my second round to brewing


Congratz !

My tc 20 started wonderfull . Two 4* and a 5* within 8 days of running . But its a week that its only delivering me 3*

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lol. cool. i collected my a couple days ago and forgot to say, that i got Reinfield. lol

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