First season

What power level roughly was your team at when you finished the first season

About 3500 but I was not in a hurry…actually I forgot for a while to go further on the map :rofl:


Around 3600-3700. Somewhere in there. I’m 8-7 for life. And a few tokens were not all that titillating.


3300 but I had a balanced team with good boards. I grind 8-7 too. lol


Just under 3200, but Little John made that win possible for me at that Power level… without him, would have needed a higher team.


My rainbow team was just above 3200, but I didn’t use my rainbow team, so it was closer to 3000.

Just finished today. The team is just over 3400 power.

4^60 Kiril, 70+3 Sumitomo, 70+6 Danzaburo, 70+3 Skittleskull, and 4^50 Tiburtus.

Only 2 left standing at the end of the fight, and I used all battle items.

I should note this probably could have been done sooner, but I wasn’t working the map as much for while.

All 4* heroes at 3.60, including a healer and a +defense hero. One or two of the team was maxed to 4.70 as well.


Wait until y’all finish season 2. That last battle is a two part fight so save as much items as possible through the first part.

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Haven’t done so yet. :smile: I’m all about my 8-7. Now that I can utilize the lowered cost Atlantis, I’m doing it that way. My D is 4127 at this exact moment in time. I just can’t see the cost benefit for what I’m doing. I’m all about diversity. And leveling heroes requires lots and lots of recruits. Lots. And. Lots.


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