First Rainbow Limit-Broken Team?…

Ok I’ve saved up ALL my Aethers. I can now limit break one of each color… suggestions on what my perfect Defense team would be based on my below rostered pictured are greatly appreciated!

PS. I also have enough mats to max out one more 5 star hero of each color … currently debating on Alasie versus Ariel (no costume)… thinking I’ll wait on rest. Thanks everyone!

Wich war tank’s color do you use?
Anyway, what could be great for a war rule could be not as good for the others.

It’s free for all war setup with my group, so that’s good :slight_smile:

Then id say red tank

Seshat - Onatel - Garnet - Frosth - Elradir

2019 bonus from Seshat and Onatel, 2021 bonus from Frosth and Elradir

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Will try that now! … out of curiosity, would my options be better if I maxed (and emblemed) Alasie to put with Gravemaker/Zimkitha for 2018 HOTM bonus?

2018 bonus is sadly disappointing and mana generation, +mana speed% and +health % are vastly better as elemental link than +5% attack and defense.

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Good to know! I was hoping limit break might make the +Atk and +Def that much more appealing but if this is the case then I might just max out Ariel instead as she does seem very appealing offensively… not to mention all the cleric emblems burning a hole in my pocket. :slight_smile:

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Another thought here on your setup:

What if I ran:

Seshat, Onatel, Russel, Telly, Frosth

My thoughts are:

  1. I have mats and emblems for 2 wizards (not 3, or I would’ve said Elradir and Vela instead)
  2. Telly gives herself 10% crit on top of 2021 crit bonus
  3. Russel has +10% from heals that could cover whole team, making better use of Onatel’s elemental and Telly’s heal over time while Frosth elemental still covers whole team.

Or should I just stick to the originally proposed setup?

I know I know… I think too much. Lol.

I don’t think that Russel is durable enough to serve as tank.
Elemental links and family bonusses are importat but not as much as fielding a combination of durable heroes and strong hitters.

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