🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

I was wondering same. Wonder how AR compares against 5-8 + Omnia harvester compares for BPs and nuggets. Another one on my my mind is 8-7 for dust


Thanks @zephyr1 I missed it

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So is item harvester - Increases the amount of Items gained from completing Season I Map Stages by 50%.

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Google translation added by @zephyr1

Please tell me: test of valor — pass test 1. what is it to be done? Quest passed and nothing has changed

Original (Russian)

Скажите пожалуйста: испытание доблести–пройдите испытание 1. это что нужно сделать? Квест прошли а ничего не изменилось

As I say it depends how you combine it with Province Item Bonuses and if you particularly need a specific item or items so it is marginal in the case of the Item Harvester.

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As for your question…

I think you’re probably asking about the Valor Challenge that requires completing 1 Challenge Event.

That refers to the monthly events like Knights of Avalon and Pirates of Corellia.

The next one of those will start on Wednesday, 12 February, with Knights of Avalon. Completing a Tier of Knights of Avalon will credit your for that Valor Challenge.

You can read more about the Challenge Events here: 🌟 Memento 5 Challenge Events

Thanks for the answer.

Perhaps the item harvester has changed from Beta, since I still don’t follow how an omnia is worse than an item harvester, given the Omnia harvester is literally an item harvester with 50% extra ham, iron and recruits. If the item harvester has a niche use, surely the omnia can fulfill exactly the same niche whilst also giving extra ham, iron and recruits?

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How long is the valor pass valid for

Just this event. For future events you need to pay… again

The thing is that you shouldn’t buy unless you manage to get to the last level and than buy the pass. Otherwise you might not get the rewardsyou want. The fact is that paying doesn’t guarantee that you will receive all the rewards. Not sure if this is a good move for SG

Or just go as far as you can, and then decide whether the rewards you have earned are worth buying the pass.


I already got my worth… Wu Kong :smiley: from the EHT so I am happy enough.
You do also get 300 gems instantly + EHT, so it isn’t really a huge loss. Plus the WE Flasks I have and will obtain will be great for the challenge event or Atlantis


Will you please point me to where relics are explained in depth? Main question is: Are relics just a one time use? Or last for the whole event, etc?

Titans second mission


They’re for one-time use, and last for 24 hours.

You can only have one active at a time, as well — if you activate another one before the current one expires, it will replace the existing one.


thanks, confirmed… @Pois1 is correct then. :+1:

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Tysm for info :slight_smile:

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Added, thanks, and welcome back to the Forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think Daily Challenges forever are called “chores” lol. Seriously though, it could also help fatigue to change the Dailies into Weekly Challenges, assuming a person could take a day off and still fill the requirements. Or even something like 1 Daily and 2 Weeklys would make me feel better about taking a day off.


So guildhopping works for titans?