🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

I don’t understand what part is sneak up when it is displayed how long it will last.

When we buy valor pass, how long will it last, 1 valor or all of them ?

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Valor Pass is tied to the specific Path of Valor, so the purchase is only for that occurrence.

You’d need to purchase Valor Pass again for the next Path of Valor if you want the Premium Rewards.


Any word yet on when the next Path of valor will start. ie. How much time are they leaving between them

10 days after the end of this one


They said “approximately 10 days” I guess that next PoV will start either April 3rd or the first Monday of April (April 6th). I would bet the second possibility, but we will see soon.


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Yelntz it was a bit of sarcasm on my part. I could see some waiting to buy at the end to make sure they completed it… but most knew how they were going to do 10 days early at the latest I’m sure.

Got a pop up that we may still purchase the Path of Valor we just finished for the rewards, but there is no option anywhere to do so.

Unless I misread it, and you can just collect the rewards you haven’t yet.

The second is correct. If you had earned rewards but hadn’t collected them when PoV expired, you could collect them at that time. If you didn’t buy while it was active, you can’t buy after it expired


I personally think the PoV was awful. Free rewards were so awful. You play for almost two months for one 4* mat. I honestly think that to people who buy their valor pass, they should give rewards as soon as they buy it so they do not have to bother with their boring tasks. Buy this, kill this, craft this blah blah… If people are supporting you even tho your game is such a P2W that gives miserable free rewards, you should reward them for it. Can’t really expect nothing good from these developers. Can’t wait to see how are they going to ruin that hero academy.

If you don’t like it, don’t play it. With the exception of a few daily tasks, I didn’t do anything different in PoV than in normal gameplay, and I completed it easily. If SG wants to give me gems, emblems, loot tickets, iron and food bundles, Valhalla coins, Atlantis coins, Costume keys, and a 3* and 4* mat just for playing the game as I normally do, I’m not going to turn it down. Or did you forget about those rewards, @Impaler?
I would like to see more rewards added to the F2P side, so that every space has something, even if it is dragon bones, backpacks and tornado nuggets.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves tornado nuggets. :rofl:

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So? What of it? They could give plenty more rewards and it wouldn’t hurt them at all. It wouldn’t hurt them to give you 10x summon worth of gems every month for free since with in-game summon chances that wouldn’t guarantee you anything, but at least it would please customers more. There are plenty of changes that could be done that would make game better without hurting their income. But I understand you. You have to justify your time and money spent on this game even if it’s not realistic. That is a common flaw of human thinking. This is a good game since it is easy to play, you don’t really need to do much, but it is awful to it’s customers and a game with much room for improvement that developers seem to neglect.

And don’t worry about me. I play this one just to kill half an hour a day of my time with friends from alliance. My main mobile game is DFFOO and for the reference in that game you get around ten 10x summon worth of crystals every month and in 5 months I play it I have equipment for 40 heroes as f2p (which is equivalent of getting 40 5* units in E&P). So I am fine with that one in that regard. Don’t really care about this game but I would like to see it improved since I met a lot of people that only play E&P since it’s easy to play for them and the like it’s style, but they don’t get much in return from it as f2p.

Sorry guys you make it too complicate for my opinion. There should be no changes within the gaming principles. Maybe we need some better rewards in the lower levels for the weaker player,s, but please do not created different pathes for different player categories. It will not become more fair but complicated. Level 50 is for strong teams and lower levels are for the weaker one.

By he way I managed the path and was surprised, because I did not expected it. But I would not be disappointed, if I am not able to manage it. I will try to get a better result for the next time.

So long and stay healthy

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Chiedo scusa ma alcuni sembrano drogati di questo gioco ma a cosa serve fare un pov. In cui si può vincere solamente se. Sei in. Un’alleanza di valore. Che si può permettere di battere titani superiore a sei stelle e inoltre superare le sfide dei leggendari che già molto difficile. La si viglia rendere ancora più difficile. Ma a quale scopo?

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For someone that only plays 30 minutes you seem quite upset :joy::joy:

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If you’re looking for discussion about the current Path of Valor, you can find it here: 🧭 Second Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts April 6

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