🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

It’s a slow game, and it’s designed to stay slow for quite a while if you don’t buy. That’s SGG business. I only bought the Rudolph special at first, so no easy heroes for me. I spent a week farming 7-7 because 8-7 was tough. I had trouble getting to 12-9, so spent weeks farming 8-7. And I played harder than a lot of people, never using autoplay so I could farm as high as possible. My TC13 was a bust, but it did eventually give me Skittleskull three months into the game so I could have a rainbow 4* then.

Now some people are advancing faster by paying, and in some ways they are. They can pay and do more summons and be very picky about which heroes to level. The game is designed to reward spending that way. Accelerating base building is really expensive, but VIP does help. And you want to build up. Just bringing the forge up is important to do the rare quests for the first time, plus all the class quests. You don’t need a 3500 team or whatever the game says. You need experience slinging tiles, useful items, and so on.

Can Path of Valor do a better job of making all sorts of players feel like they’re participating? Yes! SGG will do whatever they have planned, but I would suggest they remove these cliffs. For example, instead of ending up 3150 points short on challenge events, they could have five stages to that quest, 1000 points each. And I don’t think they need to scale up other things as well. Kill 5 for 50 points, kill 10 for 125, kill 15 for 225? There’s no need for that. It should perhaps work like kill 5/10/15 for 65/135/200 or kill 10/10/10 for 120/135/150.

The prizes on the pay side of POV look right for the price. I’d suggest shuffling things a little to get the telescope to reward tier 48. That should sell POV pass a little more. On the free side, I think the rewards need somewhat of an overall boost to encourage people to do it. I’d recommend cramming rewards down a bit so the rings end up at tier 48, then put attraction items at tier 50. I’d move the Telluria avatar to free tier 50 and include there EHT, some loot tickets, and a bit of everything (1 costume key, etc.) — make a big long list, they can afford 1 tornado, 1 nugget, etc.

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You will advance over time as @NPNKY already said. Take your time in this game and be happy about your achievements! I don’t know how far you got the PoV, but try to get further in the next one! At one point your roster will be strong enough to have 3500+ and more and then you will be able to complete further parts of the game, be it class trials, Atlantis levels or beating the dark lord!

Just look at what you have received, not at what you think you missed…

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Just to add my 2 cents on this. In some cases, paying for heroes can actually slow things down. Basically, people may get a 5* hero and then start using resources on leveling, but then hit the AM roadblock. In the meantime, they have neglected base building which means they get further behind in the mid-term as others simply spend resources building up their base. At the start of a new account, I’d say only the VIP would help get a jump on things due to the second builder.


No, I don’t know you, @Imbolthead . I thought you were an experienced player. Some content in this game is not meant for newer players, and that’s okay. If you could complete everything in the game by level 30, what would be the point of playing longer? This game is a marathon, not a sprint.

My advice still stands. Level up your heroes. Hone your skills. Eventually you will be able to complete PoV. Eventually you will be able to beat the Dark Lord. Eventually you’ll be able to beat stage 5 of the Rare Quests. Eventually you’ll be able to complete all 3 tiers of the Challenge Events.

Consider these as goals to work for.

And next time, wait to buy the pass until you see how far you can get.


I am disappointed by valor. I spent the 10.00. I need 1 telescope to level up Isarnia and 1 set of rings to level up black knight. I know they will come in time, but I should have finished. I am level 59 and have the leveled heroes to back up that level. Unfortunately the only one I missed was the final event goal for rare, epic and legendary. It was frustrating for me because I work in the grocery store field and I did long hours and worked on my day off that weekend. It is frustrating that I went through all of that to miss one thing and not get the items I needed to continue on heroes. This is my 2 cents about the event.

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I can certainly understand your frustration, @Misty1. That particular challenge was very unforgiving. There’s a suggestion thread for SG to revise that one next time.


Ty for the quick response. I appreciate the Information.

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they should extend the POV end for a week to give everyone to win. Not everyone are able to do the changellence event and those dont reach the final tier of POV, and those are the one that probably need those 2 items, and adding to this one of the events was hard as ****


Glad it is nearly over, and hope everyone learned from this one. There’s nothing need to leave your alliance to get all the titans done, and if you do the daily quests, which usually are not too difficult then you get “free” stuff. If you don’t well, you can pay and get more stuff.
The only change needs to be the way the challenge events were handled. And thats been suggested and seems to have been listened to.
The key here was the word “Challenge”. Please do not make it too easy. A new player should not be able to complete it. But those who play several hours a day, for a year or more should. I liked the change, even though I did not make it to the last tier. I hope to improve and do so next time!


There are two things I’d like to see changed for the next PoV, and neither one involves making it easier.
First, I’d like to see more transparency from SG with the requirements. I’d like to see a popup for each Valor challenge that shows what is required for each tier, and how many points each tier is worth. That would allow players to plan and to determine where to focus their efforts
Second, I’d like to see some more flexibility in the completion requirements. I’d like to see the points distributed in such a manner that you could miss the final tier of one (and only one) Valor challenge and still reach the level 50 rewards if you completed all the daily challenges and all the other Valor challenges.


I just want to remind that challenge events are free. For PoV ppl paid money and expected items in return.

How can this be fair ? When not much info was given by SGG and they released a new paid feature.

I appreciate beta testers they did a wonderful job in giving the info but you also had limitations on certain quests which weren’t part of beta.

PS: this didn’t impact me but just want to pass on my feedback.

PoV pass is worth buying even without reaching level 50. For 10.00 it gives a lot of summoning chances in the form of gems, Atlantis coins and challenge coins.


Just finished last daily challenge so finished it with 100%. It was very challenging but not to hard. I was on VIP path and I am happy with emblems and 4* mats.

Hope I can finish next as well same as this first.


People paid money for the ability to earn the rewards. If someone didn’t complete enough challenges to reach level 50, they still got all the rewards they had earned (gems, summon coins, loot tickets, 3* mats, emblems). It wasn’t an all or nothing deal.

Could SG have been more transparent about the requirements up front? Absolutely. Was anyone cheated? No.

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Although I hit 50 and got the rings, am I going to kick myself for not summing an extra 50 heros/troops and completing tier X?


I don’t know. What would cause you to kick yourself?

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Sure they got something but it’s like doing the summons without the knowing the odds.

Hope next time more transparent communication from SGG and ppl learn to hold and understand the returns they might get from the purchase.

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Bonus items for 100% or some kind of hidden “you finished everything” reward.

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I don’t know of any, but we won’t know until it’s over.

Do you have enough tokens to finish the last tier and still save some?

Totally. But I’m just a hoarder. Blowing 50 tokens for most likely nothing seems dumb.


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