🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

are there any information about the next path of valor?
starting date etc.?

Hiya @Ownage

Moved your post to an appropriate thread. Have a look in the OP above for information.

Sgg have said ~10 days between this one & the next path of Valor

guys, if i’ve finished all valor quest except Summon, what is the minimum summon tiers to get me complete to lv. 50?


Assuming you’ve done/ will do all the daily challenges except 3.

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|3| Complete 3 Challenge Events |3150|

have trouble with this challenge.
Finished yesterday’s Archer chalenge, but still 0/3.
How to finish that??

Hi @Cheshire600, welcome to the Forum!

Unfortunately it’s impossible to complete now. That Valor Challenge refers to the monthly Challenge Events (Pirates of Corellia and Knights of Avalon), and requires that all 3 Tiers of each Event are fully completed.

If you’d like to support changes to that for future Paths of Valor, there’s a thread here for commenting and voting on that Valor Challenge: Refine "Complete a Challenge Event" Valor Challenge to Provide Flexibility in Completing Path of Valor

Do valor points carry over if you exceed the final milestone?

As this is the first PoV we won’t know until the next one starts. Fortunately it looks like we’ll know in less than two weeks

Most likely No.

You’ll notice the counter stops going up with extra quests completed

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Or take @Guvnor’s answer, he tends to know more than I do


It’s No… we all know it


I agree this event is bogus to newer players. I have been playing for a few months and am lvl 26. I am on level 45 and a few hundred points away from 46 and will not be able to complete. I am a VERY active daily player, I play many hours a day and was able to complete all portions but the complete a challenge section. Also some dailies wr wete to use battle items that ate unattainable at my level. I find this almost impossible for a newer player being some challenges you need at least 3000+ power team to complete or like the latest have to be alevel 30. How is this fair? I paid 10 bucks to activate and have spent $100+ so far with intent to buy more in the future, BUT if events are to be unfair to some players, I will not. I feel we should be given a bonus or something to recompense us for the unsustainable completion.



Hi mate,

That is a Class Trial. Not a Challenge Event.

Challenge Event = Monthly Event (the ones with Rare, Epic & Legendary Difficulty).
Class Trial = a Quest.


I feel ripped off after buying the pass. I only got it for the scope and because the legendary part of the knights of Avalon didn’t count for me because I literally beat it 22 seconds after the event expired, and they gave absolutely no way to make up enough points to cover that valor challenge not being finished. I worked so much during the event and did the best I could when I was home and it just wasn’t good enough. Daily challenges should have been worth more. Not 1 person in my alliance under level 35 has even made it to 40. It’s sad seeing them so disappointed in themselves when it’s not really them.

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OK so if it’s a monthly event and valor is 45 days, how was I to finish two? and complete that section.

Each Path of Valor runs for 50 days in total with ~10 days between Valor Paths. This essentially means that each PoV covers 2 full months.

Within that period of time, there are two Challenge Events. This Path of Valor that is about to finish had in it Pirates of Corellia (March) & Knights of Avalon (February).

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But like I said, going back to my original statement, this is unfair to NEWER players like myself who DO NOT have 4 and 5 stars heroes to defeat these challenges with. I have been playing less than 2 months, and while yes, I have spent more than $100 dollars on the game, I do have a few 4 stars but being that it takes a very long time and resources to level them up to any type of fighting challenge, it is pretty much impossible for someone like me that had 2 and 3 star heroes to compete with, so pretty much a mistake to pay the $10 for valor and making me think not worth sinking real life money into the game where I can play other games that would satisfy my spending a little more. Does this make sense to you? For you think someone with lower starred heroes could stand a chance against these challenges? I think there should have been a different avenue for less experienced players like myself to be able to complete…and the daily challenges that ask for timebombs and items that we do not have as a lower level player seems a bit unfair. understand devs try and put forth something challenging to players, just don’t think they take into consideration us fledglings that are not so powerful, BUT are daily players and devoted to leveling up. So, like my original statement, something should be done to make us feel better about participating in these events in the future and spending money to activate certain avenues. I have spoken.

Thats a whole different discussion:

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I completely went the way of valor 19/03, but I’m not going to participate in it anymore. It takes a lot of time. The resources received are not worth the time. In the end, the game should be for me, not me for her.
If I knew what the game would turn into in two years, I wouldn’t start playing it at all.

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