🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

Yes I agree with your both comments : you wrote it but some people do not read it :slight_smile: it was more a reminder

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Well, that was easy. I really enjoyed it very much. The best thing was that I didn’t have to spend any extra time for PoV, I just went about doing whatever I normally do, like raiding, wars, titans, tournament, events etc… and everything just auto completed by default. I am really excited about whatever new challenges the next installment will bring. :slight_smile:


I had a lag or graphic error before it showed properly where my points said incomplete but I claimed the level 50 reward.


Do the points go over to the next PoV after it’s finished? Stil have a daily challenge to go. just wondering.

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Well, honestly, we have no idea. I am also thinking whether to continue doing the rest of the daily challenges.

First, you can decide to buy (or not to buy) VIP any day of PoV. If you are not convinced if you can reach descent rewards, you can wait till you have it clear.

Second, dividing PoV into “beginner”/“advanced” mode has issue. You need to choose the mode at the beginning not really knowing if you complete it easily or miss the best reward because of something. For example you can have (for some unexpected reasons) less or more time for playing a game and this may affect your PoV. And then you pay for your choice - you cannot alter it. Here is also a very difficult problem (unsolvable I think): how to make rewards of “advanced” mode to be worth of additional effort (and risk of not completing it) keeping it only “little” better than those of “beginner” mode. This is not the case of the current design - you can try to reach as far as possible.

Third, most of challenges, require only regular play (well, titan challenge require being in an sufficiently active alliance that kills 6* titans). It is achievable even by beginners. The only challenge that cannot be completed by beginners is “complete challenge event” challenge. But it is already discussed here: Refine "Complete a Challenge Event" Valor Challenge to Provide Flexibility in Completing Path of Valor

There are also some daily quests that can be difficult to complete by beginners: finishing some stages of season 2 maps. But players that can complete the final stage of rare quests probably can complete also this daily quests. There were also the daily quests of crafting Super Manna Potion, but they have been apparently withdrawn from PoV.

I think, that the solution of dividing PoV into different modes you choose at the beginning would produce more problems than it solves.

Yay…POV completed

Enjoyed it much


Same here woohoo.
Looking forward to the next


Didn’t think I was going to make it, but I finished every valor challenge except Summon X and have completed every daily challenge except for “Use 3 dragon attacks”, so it looks like I’ll finish with 250 points to spare.

Looking forward to the next one - but I hope they re-think the harvesters (in particular, not limiting them to Season 1) and provide different rewards, like more adventurer’s kits and hardwood lumber. Maybe throw in a titan flask or two, too.


You always have gems. It is only a question of priority how you use them!

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So, that’s the answer, you just want to have it so that beginners can have some sort of participation medal out of it. Now, there should have been a little more transparency on the requirements. For example, a help tip to let players know how all the levels of the challenges, to give a better idea of the effort required. As @koziar993 said, it was mentioned at the start that you didn’t have to buy the pass and could wait until the end. Honestly, given the price point, I wouldn’t have paid regardless.

I know there are a lot in my alliance who bought and can’t finish. They aren’t beginners by any means, but had problems with the Legendary challenges.Their thoughts are that purchasing the pass should have given some extra points to help with the finish, but that’s another conversation. So they’ll have to make do with reaching milestone 48 or so. Do they regret the purchase? Maybe. Then again, maybe on the next go round they’ll wait and see how far they get before buying.

How can you be discouraged if you can make the decision at the end of PoV when you know if you havecompleteded oe not?

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Even if you get placed/prices if you dont finish?
I would say this depends on the prices!

This is avery strange definition of fail and would mean if you couldnt finish PoV, even if it rewarded you a 4* mat at level 20, 34 and 50, you wouldnt play it!!! Really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Do we know if there are going to be any super secret rewards for 100% completion of all challenges? I mean, once you’ve gotten the scope and rings, is there any reason to continue doing the daily tasks?


We have no way to know because it was impossible to complete Path of Valor during Beta testing.


Since you can’t continue to collect points with the Daily challenges (the points bar says “Complete” I don’t imagine you can “bank” points for the next one, or that there are some “secret” awards for continuing to do the challenges.

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I’m just going to keep doing the dailies for my own completionist reasons.

I’m 100% so far and I kinda thought when I hit it this morning from the 2nd daily that it would lock the 3rd one out.

But pleased it let me do it and that means I’ve still 5 days of daily challenges to keep me going.

Looking forwards to the 2nd one now :slight_smile:


Completed POV today. Was a bit harder than I thought, but the tournament portion, I did not think I’d complete but somehow did.


Did not complete due to 2X Legendary Challenge Events. I’m just not there yet. I’m missing some key heroes (Proteus or another solid mana controller like Hansel), I have only 1 partially leveld 5* (Viv) and my 4* are close but not quite there. I also seem to be bad at making the most of them, because I had to continue on Epic 15 in Pirates to complete, even with Wilbur, Wu, Kiril + hitters.

Paid early, but don’t really regret it. Even so, won’t purchase again until I know if I’ll complete the whole thing.

I finished Path of Valor this morning and was able to max Tyr with the rings. Thank you.

My question is do you plan to have the extra points I may acquire by doing daily challenges roll over to the next POV? Or should I have my flags for farming/quest

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