🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

Well, with finishing Pirates today, I now have completed all POV Challenges. Just need to do Daily Challenges to get to #50 :smiley:

I was worried that I was not going to be able to do Pirates, or at least not “easily” but luckily I did.


also, thanks btw! forgot to say so in my last reply

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All of the Valor challenges, regardless of number of stages, are worth a total of 5000 points each. To reduce the summoning challenge to fewer tiers would mean each tier would require more summons to give the same total number, and more points per tier. You’d actually have less chance to make up the difference with daily challenges.

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I think you raise a valid point. If you have VIP you get a regular number of silver tokens, but perhaps its deliberate to entice people to do more summoning :money_mouth_face:?

For me, the raiding component was finished in the first week, only because I love raiding… That could have had another two tiers for sure.


Don’t know if this has been asked before, this thread is so long🤪. But I haven’t been able to finish all 3 Avalon events because I was on a business trip at that exact time so only did 2/3… Is it now impossible to get to lvl 50? Just because I didn’t do 1 thing? I hope the Easter event starts before Valor ends, so I can still complete it. Or maybe bonus challenge in the last week. Atleast something!

Yes, it’ll be impossible then.

I actually made a thread suggesting changes to that, which you might want to vote for and comment on: Refine "Complete a Challenge Event" Valor Challenge to Provide Flexibility in Completing Path of Valor


Alright ty for the link, you certainly got my vote!
And I’ll send the link to more of my friends to vote also cause this needs all the support it can get imo…
It would be solved easily if easter event starts sooner.

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Springvale wouldn’t count as a Challenge Event — but it could certainly be solved with a shift in the Valor Challenge.


To be honest, I feel like I managed to do the Summon one very easy. Granted I did do some purchased summons BUT I definitely feel like I was getting a lot more Regular Tokens from wanted chests and other places.

Also I willl do the underwater daily today but only because I will have a full flask and need to use 3 loot tickets to rank up. So I will do 27-9 on Hard for 42 energy

Springvale wouldn’t be a challenge event? Alright good to know… I also posted this question in a support ticket and here is the exact answer they gave me:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

I would like to encourage you to share your ideas or suggestions on our Community Forum.

This is a great way to strike up a dialogue with the other active players, and allows you to voice a multitude of views and opinions. We, including our developers and designers, read the forum on a regular basis. We appreciate all player feedback and take it into consideration when developing the game further.

With this said, you can still participate in various missions available on Path of Valor to complete the Event.

If you face any other problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us again. We are always happy to assist you. Best of luck in the battles!

Seems to me that they’ve got something planned to complete it. Ahh well let’s just wait and see

No, there are only 5 Challenge Events: Knights of Avalon, Pirates of Corellia, Riddles of Wonderland, Fables of Grimforest, and Guardians of Teltoc.

Springvale is one of 4 Seasonal Events, along with Sand Empire (summer), Return to Morlovia (fall), and Santa’s Challenge (winter).

You can distinguish a Challenge Event because it’s labeled as such:


Likewise, Seasonal Events are labeled as such too:

(you can slightly see “Seasonal Event” behind the difficulty popup)


Maybe — it would just take them providing an extra source of Valor Points some time in the next 12 days.

Alright well ty Zephyr for the clear info, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed until then😉

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I wouldn’t hold your breath. It’s far more likely the support peon didn’t understand that it’s impossible without completing all 6 challenges.

I still hope to do so (halfway through legendary now), but I won’t buy a pass early again. And unless they fix the challenge structure so that any one level doesn’t knock you out, I won’t buy one period. As it stands it’s essentially a “gotcha” to many people.

Exactly… This just seems like bad business.

so if your group is not strong enough to finish the titan challenge I will be 200 short

Yes, this is why a lot of people have been “mercing” titans. Leaving their alliance for a short while to find a titan almost dead in another alliance and helping to kill it.


thanks and do i just wait until it dies to get credit

Yes, so try to find an alliance where the titan will be dead soon.
Or if you can get any teammates of yours to help, that will make things go faster.

Make sure you ask in the alliance chat before just doing it, otherwise you may attack and use your titan energy just for the leader to kick you before the titan is defeated.

Can I claim rewards after PoV‘s end or do I have to claim them in time?

I am waiting for the right time where I need that damn food and iron packages :smile:

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