🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

The Valor Pass is tied to this Path of Valor, so you’d have to purchase it again for future Paths of Valor.

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I forgot somerhing. So after one POV is finished, does it continue where one stopped or does it start all over again? With new challenges? This is what I really would love to know.

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10 day hiatus then brand new one starts


Okay! Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m sure you have to complete 6 out of 6 … and not 3 out of 6
The steps are
1 challenge
2 challenge
3 challenge
Total 6 and not 3 and this is not good …

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Which reminds me, I forgot to post a link to this here, for anyone interested:

=> Refine "Complete a Challenge Event" Valor Challenge to Provide Flexibility in Completing Path of Valor


Yes, I was misinformed. it is 6 out of 6 possible challenge events. I don’t see how anyone who isn’t fairly far advanced in the game can possibly complete POV. On the other hand if it was too easy, what would be the point?

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You will need to average 15 attacks per weekly raid tournament to finish the raid attack challenge. If you don’t complete the last stage of that it will be difficult to complete POV.

There’s a difference between “requires 100% completion” and “too easy”.

Not to mention that the way they structured it is just punitive. I’m actually a little worried about legendary in pirates because it reflects purple. Every other one is a breeze for me.

No other challenge requires anything close to this.

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I agree. There ought to be a middle ground where it is challenging, but doable. Raid Tournament one could be very tough, but doable, to complete, and my recollection is that that has to be completed as well to finish Valor (or miss that and no more than 1 daily challenge out of 150).

Raid tournament you could pay to continue in the final few weeks to get more raid attacks if you were coming up short.

But you could pay to continue on challenge tiers too.

Again, I agree with the basic point: There ought to be a little leeway on the challenge events so if you can’t complete Legendary you should still have a shot at completing Valor. (Note: I do all 3 anyway and barring real life issues, this won’t be a problem for me, but I remember failing/struggling with Legendary)

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Yup, I’m perfect so far during PoV, but very fast usually does me in, so this way I can not worry about having to continue.

I agree, if I do the quest, my items won’t match


How diabolical!


I’d like the PoV to be structured so that the strongest, most hardcore, most dedicated can comfortably complete it with a week or so to spare (if they hit all dailies and hit all the valor challenges). Those who are mid-level should have not too much problem to complete provided they put in decent effort, and low-level have a chance to complete but very little leeway on the dailies/valor challenges.

Basically nerf it slightly to give mid/low level players more incentive, and reward stronger players for finishing early by introducing a recurring reward once tier 50 reached.

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For what it’s worth, this is the case.

You have 2k excess points.
125 pts per daily so if you’re dedicated, you can finish it ~5 days early.

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Small correction: 16 Daily Challenges early — which is just over 5 days, since there are 3 Daily Challenges each day.


46750 / 48750 is 95.9%… a very high standard.

Maybe they can increase the daily reward from 125 to 150?

That will make it down to 89.05%.


Oops, I even put it into the calculator… Just wrote the wrong thing… :+1:

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Will excess valor points carry over to the next P.O.V.

No. No indication that there will be any carryover or continuity from one PoV to the next.

Treated as discrete events. Same as tournaments, wars and monthly challenge events.

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