🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

That shouldn’t be too difficult though for a daily active player. When I heard about the PoV I started hoarding silver tokens, so I had about 125 when it started. Apart from that I open 4 chests everyday like clockwork, so that’s 2-3 coins, which will give me another 100-150 coins, plus 1 free pull everyday, plus all the EHTs, ETTs, ACs, CCs and CKs that I will get will also count. I think it is much more easier for VIP pass players as they get 2 free pulls per day. 50 days is a real long time. :slight_smile:

You won’t get any new mission if you finish one of the challenges, you will just have to finish the other 5.

In the OP it says:

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I thought a new set of another kind of challenge would take that spot once you were done with one…thanks for the info

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But you are paying monthly at least.

If you want to pay, no problem. It is probably worth it. And you still had to stockpile coins.

The question is can the free valor rewards tier be really free even if it not as good as the valor pass rewards tier.

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I am a F2P player, I don’t have the VIP pass, and hence I saved up the silver tokens when I saw Path of Valor coming up. :slight_smile:

I even suggested it on another thread. But of course we didn’t know the exact mission then.


What will happen after few valor path events when you do not have the saved coins any more?

What happens if you do not pay monthly membership fee?

All I was complaining about is that they made the free tier much less worthy (rewards are much worse than valor pass tier) which is OK, they want you to buy a pass.

But then you will never make it to the higher levels of the reward tier anyway unless you are prepared / preparing prior to the event or if not paying membership fee.

Did anyone explained that the event can not be completed unless prepared with a big stockpile of coins.

So why do they call it free when it is not free?

Call it members only or you must pull to complete event.

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Will there be 150 different daily challenges do you think or will there be some repeats?
I suppose they could do a lot of “do 3 stages” on different provinces.

I sure hope so, because Path of Valor repeating almost nonstop will already be plenty of repetition.

But we only ever saw a fairly small number of Daily Challenges in Beta, so it’s hard to know how many more they may have added since.

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OK. Apparently troops count so it is a bonus.

I am sure many people like me did not find this information earlier, fine.

Path of Valor will be recurring event with 10 days break between the events as far as I know.

Eventually you will run out of the coins you saved and then will be impossible to complete even the free tier.

Not because your heroes are not strong enough, you buildings are not developed, upgrading and developing is the purpose of the game, I believe, but because you did not save coins and want to play for free.

This is fine too just do not call it free reward tier.

Guess how happy people who already paid for the valor pass will be finding out that the top reward tiers are not possible / available to them because of something very stupid.

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There’s no guarantee that there will be the “Summon Heroes and Troops” in every future valour path.

In saying that tho, you should be able to keep a pretty good buffer going…

On top of that, you can skip the final “Summon Heroes & Troops” Challenge (Tier X) and still make it to node 50 of the Path of Valour Rewards


How about a challenge pull heroes of the month. This will be interesting.

1 hero = 1000 points
2 heroes = 2000 points
3 heroes = 3000 points
so on

I have been playing for almost 1.5 years and no HOTM so far.

I know I am FTP so chances are low.

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That one never appeared in Beta so unlikely :stuck_out_tongue:

Would make things interesting for SGG from a revenue perspective… So don’t go giving them ideas!!!

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I’m taking a break from the Forum for that one. :face_with_monocle:


How about 100 points for every $ spent? :money_mouth_face:

I think there will be a sharp decrease in revenue from valor passes during the next Path of Valor event.

And probably like with the costume chamber FIASCO (after testing it in beta) it will be pulled out for repairs.


I don’t know that I agree… I think that the feedback in general has been pretty positive about the Path of Valour…

There are noisy dissenters but most of the comments I’ve seen both here & on Line have been saying that its nice to have something new which puts some excitement in the grind… Particularly for players who’ve been around for 1 yr+ when the maps are done, all you have to spend your energy & time on is wars, titans & farming… can get a bit monotonous :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that there may be a drop in the INITIAL purchase of the valour pass as players discover/ decide to wait until later in the time frame to buy the pass, depending on if it is worthwhile for them.


I think there is a little glitch in the Path of Valor. My husband is in the same alliance as I am and we have only killed 3 titans, yet he has 4 in the PofV. He hasn’t left the alliance or anything. Hope somehow I get some extra ones. :joy::joy:

I got one more than another player in our alliance. It was just a quirk of timing as to when the event started and when we’d each signed in.

Hopefully one titan, more or less, won’t make any difference when the event is over.


If you ask me the Tournaments is the only really good improvement of this game so far.

Even if with the new challenge event heroes it becomes harder and harder to compete with people who spend money.

For a FTP I could never hope to compete at a higher level in a 5 star tournament, but at least had some fun and was able to devise strategies and achieve 1% or 5% when it comes to 4 star and 3 star tournaments.

Costume chamber - I actually liked the original version (just costumes but higher chances for 5 star). Had to be changed and screwed up.

Hunter’s Lodge - Not good enough
Alchemy Lab - Disaster
Hero Academy - who knows


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