First Holy 4*: Wu Kong or G.Jackal?

Wukong or jackel.which one first for final ascension?

I didn’t expect this question to be about ascension lol

Wu Kong is the answer.

Are you asking to defend the watchtower? Like for your defense team?

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Not sure you titled your post correctly. You may not get very many answers to your question.

Title updated to reflect OP’s post

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Lol. Sorry. Didn’t mean to put that hear. But thanks for info:)

Have wukong ,& jackel. One short on a orb for final ascension. Just trying to get thoughts on who gets the orbs first?.


Jackal will be a staple in your purple Titan team. A 3/60 is good enough for now as long as you keep him alive. But that’s about it except for your later war teams.

Wu will be used in more places, including almost all Titan teams unless you have Tarlak or Ranvir. Overall more valuable a hero.

If war is your focus, Jackal. If titans, Wu.

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I like Jackal, my avatar is also Jackal, but I ascend Wu Kong 1st, and after a few days (wait only one orbs), then ascend jackal.

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Can I suggest holding off for a week/10 days?

It’s VERY possible Tarlak will be a featured hero in the next Atlantis Rising… if he is, and you get him on pulls, then your answer because very easy - Jackal + Tarlak.

If you fail to get Tarlak then, and you love the idea of Monster Titan Hits interspersed with frustrating whiffles, go Wu.

But if you go Wu today, then get Tarlak in 10 days, you’re going to have spent mats on someone who will be mostly relegated to your bench very shortly.


Wu Kong – Back when I was playing the game at your stage with 4* heroes, players who had Wu did about double the titan damage that I did without him. He’s critical for that purpose, even though he’s not very good for much else besides titans and a few special cases.

Jackal is a great hero … but he’s much more specialized. Among other things, his damage is OK, but where he’s really useful is making other holy heroes hit harder. Which means he should be your second or third holy hero, not your first.

And I’d say that is true even if Tarlak is featured in Atlantis and if you get him–because Tarlak is a 5*, and if you are talking about which 4* hero to ascend first, you really aren’t ready to be working on 5* heroes, even truly excellent ones like Tarlak. You won’t have the materials to fully ascend him for many months still.


Thanks guys. Just to add to the mix. I also have ranvir.(2/45).got him afew weeks ago before wu. And speaking of tarlak. I do have two eves at 3/70 with only 4 tonics. Got them months before I got a 4 nature. I do like the all round play of the game . No clear favorite part. Just would like a solid roster for all game play.ill inclose my roster for any future thought. Thanks again


You have Rav. No question now - Wu is already future redundant for you. Jackal all the way. You may give up a percentage of Titan score in the short term but you’ll save mats and be stronger medium-long term w Jackal, Chao and 3/60 Rav.

Ps - I got Rav yesterday. Unfortunately Poseidon will get the next batch of materials but Rav may push Onatel down a notch.


The thing I can’t seem to come to grip with ranvir is. The added atk only applies if the enemy has more health. With wu it’s massive hit or miss no matter.

granted if we’re only talking titans . Then no issue. But I do think your right overall with rav . Even at 2/60. A holy stack with the added def buff will pay off in the long run. Plus the value of saving mats is a no brainer .

Have both Wu and Jackal maxed with talents, but early in the game I would consider Wu a priority.
Very good for titans and PvE, and in gold/platinium I remember using him for raiding quite a lot (iirc tiles that miss do not charge opponents mana).
Jackal is excellent part of yellow stack, so a bit less versatile.

@Stevemllr, You are still fairly early in the game, and at your stage in the game I would gently encourage you to work on 4* heroes before working on 5* heroes that you lack the 4* materials to finish, which will be stuck at 3/70 for a while longer, and there are three forces pushing you in that direction:

  • Maxed 4* heroes have slightly better stats than 5* heroes stuck at 3/70, and tend to be more effective, especially as you can boost them further with emblems. That said, 5* heroes special skills can be remarkably good, and be useful enough to overcome the better stats in special cases.
  • 5* heroes at 3/70 cost more feeder heroes and more hams than maxed 4* heroes
  • Over the long term, the rate at which you get 4* non-farmable mats compared to the rate you get 3* non-farmable mats means that you can do roughly two maxed 4*s or 5*s stuck at 3/70 for each 5* you take to 4/80. Note that the 4* is always cheaper, and often more effective.

That’s the general rule I’d suggest. But there are exceptions, and in this case …

Ranvir is an upgraded verison of Wu Kong, and if you have him, the ONLY time you would want to use Wu Kong instead is during a challenge event or raid tournament that prohibits 5* heroes … so Ranvir is worth orbs ahead of Wu Kong.

And I’d lean toward working on Ranvir first, then Jackal second in your roster, and ignoring Wu Kong and Hu Tao.

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My opinion is the same as @Halifax
If you have a plan for pulling atlantis, you should wait if Tarlak comes by…

Thanks again guys. I do plan on doing a ten pull from the sand, and Atlantis summons. Hoping for a dark 5*. Which I have all of the ascension items for if I’m fortunate enough To get one. But tarlak is one I’m aiming . But I always go into those things with a blank slate way of thinking ,because I do understand the gambling aspect of the game.

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