First green 5* hero decision - Morgan or Margaret?

Got a lucky pull on Knights, and drew both Morgan and Margaret after waiting most of a year with only Kadilen. I’ve got shields and tonics ready to go.

My best team is Kage-Caedmon-Aegir-Marjana-Rigard, with no other good tanks and no Guin/GM. Magni and Sartana are waiting in the wings at 3^ for AMs.

  • Margaret would be an excellent bodyguard on flank for Kage on the wing, but I’d have to replace Aegir to make her effective (if in fact his spirit link waters down Margaret’s dodge). Maybe Kage-Margaret-Marj-3^ Magni/Sartana-Rigard?

  • Morgan would be a great sniper / closer addition on attack to upgrade from Caedmon.

Which would you pick?

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Well I will chime in here.

I feel Morgan would help in more ways.

Personally I am not sold on Margaret. Maybe she is better than I perceive but still would do the above.

Aegir is quite the protection as it is. Once he goes off once it is an ongoing cycle and tough to deal with.

My 2 cents go to Morgan.


Good for you! (Which I somehow mis-typed as “Food for you!” - a pretty bad and ironic typo)

What is your emblem plan and what in particular is your plan for Sorcerer (Morgan’s class) and Rogue (Margaret’s class)?

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Good questions here: I have no good sorcerers (really just Skittles, no emblems there), and all Rogue emblems currently placed on Marj.

The 413 Sorcerer emblems say go with Morgan, as @King_Nothing suggests; the undispellable Specials shield for Kage and the VF speed says go with Margaret, hence the dilemna. Maybe I’ll just have to ascend both, and forget about drawing Lianna. :wink:

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Margaret is new enough that I’m not yet sure what I think of her, so making a direct comparison with Morgan is hard. But given that you already have a viable option for Rogue emblems and that Morgan is a more than acceptable repository for Sorcerer emblems, I’d favor Morgan.

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Definitely Morgan. The fact that you need a sorcerer and have a crap load of emblems is just the gravy on the mashed potatoes. Aegir is tough enough to get past but when Morgan starts stealing health as well, that will be a very formidable defense.

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I like Morgan - though I think for titans Margaret probably has an edge and war defense probably Morgan (Morgan in back corner on healing aid with mana troops is one of the hardest to kill).

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