First Glenda or second Frida

I have a dilemma. I am one scope away from maxing my next blue and I was adamant about that blue being Glenda, but I’m not so sure anymore because of my current blue bench. Right now I have one frida and I am capable of maxing a second one in place of Glenda.
The reason behind that decision is the fact that I currently have Aegir, Isarnia, Skadi and Misandra all capable of benefiting from Frida’s element defense drop, but, since I only have one, Magni, Alice and Vela are on a team with her. Knowing all of this and the fact that I currently have ZimKitty, Kunchen, c.Rigard 2x to cover cleanses, would a second Frida help me more than my first Glenda?

For a reference to my full roster, see the picture below.

Glenda x100000000000000000

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Any particular reason why you say Glenda?

I would max Glenda, with her buff Skadi or you Snipers will hit stronger, also if you are a mono player her minions, even if they are weak, still generate meat shield and her dmg isn’t bad too


How much does Glenda improve special skill damage?

If you want specific dmg differnce you can look for dmg claculation formula on forum

Mine Glenda is unleveled so she only adds 19% dmg to special skills but I can spot diffrence by eye, I feel like best use for her to buff “hit all” heroes because they have lover basic % than snipers and will be more destructive