First ever CTD

Just recently installed the brand new IOS update on my iPad Pro 2018.

Always play with the Apple Pencil.

Was playing the new quest Gems II … on the last level 16 recruits … half way in the game … a strange rapid multi clicking noise and the game crashed. Lost the 16 recruits…

First CTD ever.

I presume something happened with the latest iOS update and E&P.

Got the latest update myself on the iPad yesterday. No issues in my play yesterday or today - all quests worked fine. You sure it’s not a hardware issue on your side?

/iPad mini here, 2019, if that helps figure out the cause

Thanks Dan,

Played a number of raids before … I suspect the pencil is a factor … seemed the connection was lost with the iPad afterwards … again, never happens before … don’t think there is an issue with E&P … it’s the new iOS update …

Not repeatable … will report back if I get more info.


Ah, fair enough. Don’t use a pencil here (just my oily fingers!), so could be related!

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