First Dark 5 Star Hero



I got enough Mats to ascend my first Purple 5star. My second overall. I already maxed Athena as my first legendary.
Which one should i go next.
I got Panther, Khiona, Obakan and Bosswolf. I think i should Go vor Guardian Panther or Khiona?


Most people here would probably say Panther as she is versatile


Panther to remove buffs and for PvP

Khiona for her attack buff and for Titans.

I would do Panther but I have purples that she can play with. It sounds like you don’t, and panther works best with other purples. Idk if I’d go that route if she was my first dark character, but I might? That buff removal is handy and she’s fast vs Khiona’s average. But Khiona has an incredible buff, that depending on your roster, could be an extraordinary help.

Depends on your needs and the rest of your bench.


Well, she still works well with 4* purples, right? Still …



Sorry, I can’t tell if you’re agreeing with me or asking me a question or both lol

To answer your question, of course she does, but without knowing the roster I can’t say for certain that G Panther is the best move for the OP to make. For all I know, they don’t have any 4* purples, or maybe they do but don’t have them leveled very far at all. & G Panther needs a few purple friends in place before I’d make the leap to ascend. Plus, it all depends on the OP’s priorities


I don’t have Panther, so I don’t really know how good the other purples need to be to work well with her. I could assume, but I’d rather ask. :slight_smile:

If anything, I disagree that it sounds like the OP doesn’t have other purples. Four 5* purples to choose from? I’d almost expect they have at least one 4* purple maxed. But only the OP knows for sure.

And that’s where I believe we’re in complete agreement: It’s difficult to give any useful advice without knowing what the rest of the roster looks like.


I suppose you’re right, their 5* are probably leveled, but in order to know for sure I’d still prefer to see the roster. Many people will say G Panther because she’s awesome, but in reality she would do far better with a fully leveled Tibs and/or another [preferrably] fully leveled attacking purple for defensive and offensive purposes. Khiona would probably be more helpful if the OP hasn’t ascended any 4* purples though, since she’ll be great for titans and that’s where the majority of everyday mats come from- in order to further ascend more purples to help out G Panther. Idk that’s just my thoughts on it, I could be totally off-base.


Overall though I do agree with you. I was going off of the assumption this was going to be their first fully leveled purple without really knowing for sure. I appreciate the feedback, it made me reread over the OP and my replies to realize I might’ve assumed incorrectly, so thank you :blush:

Still, I believe it depends on the OP’s roster, leveled characters, and priorities. Once that’s shared, we can all better assess the best course to take.

Overall, I’d say Khiona if you don’t have many other purples leveled, and want someone more suited for titans (& for the awesome buff). Or Panther if you do have other purples, and would prefer someone more suited for raid offense and defense (& for the dispel).


Panther. No doubts.

Khiona still works at 3/70.


you can’t go wrong with phanter


Kiona would be my vote.
Since it’s your 2nd 5*, you’re still early in developing your roster, Titans are your best chance to get ascension materials. If your current alliance have let too many Titan escape then move to another, but it’s all depend on how much you play the game.


Its a Coin Flip between Khiona and Panther. Khiona is less versatile than GP but is better when utilized for her specialties (ie when paired with wilbur).

If it were me I’d ascend Panther since she’s one of the top dark heroes in the entire game— definitely in the top 3, but ascending either one isnt a regrettable descision


I got gormek boldtusk wu kong Tibirtus Hansel and Kiril maxed


Knowing that now makes it more difficult. Since you don’t have any dispellers maxed, I’m leaning more toward Panther. & Her + Athena will be amazing together on yellow titans. Though, Athena + Khiona could be a great combo on most titans, not just yellow. If your focus was solely titans, I’d do Khiona. Though, it’s probably better to max the more versatile option in your case (when it comes to maxing your first full team of 5*), since they will be your only 80 for some time, and that would be Panther. Khiona only if your main focus is titans, which wouldn’t be a bad decision either. Both are great, so you really can’t go wrong. I’d make sure whoever doesn’t get maxed, is next in line (definitely ahead of Boss Wolf and Obakan)


I think thats right i will Go with Panther first