First costume event

If ya did the first costume event you should give everybody the other character, I got a vivica costume, but i didn’t actually have her, so I can’t do anything with the costume

Hi @Joshhsoj212

Are you referring to the very 1st chamber?

You can always just hold onto the costume or feed it to another costumed hero.

Youre probably gonna pull her sooner or later from TC 20 if you try

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Yeah the first one, but don’t wanna feed a 5 star costume character, that I don’t have the actual real one

You cannot feed a costume if it’s the only copy you have :slight_smile:

The OP is basically asking for free Vivica, but the devs have already mentioned that is not going to happen because the prices were low and the odds were higher in the 1st chamber.

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If you have only one costume you cant feed It into another one

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leave it in your inventory, it won’t go to waste.


You do understand with the last costume chamber update that if you get the costume you also get the base character? So if you received a Vivica costume you also receive her as a hero.

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Ah crap in a hat, thank you for the clarification.

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Closing as a duplicate.

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