First Blood looking for new blood!

Alliance: First Blood

Members: 20/30

Trophies: 600

Titans: Optional. Currently hitting 8/9* (down from 9/10* due to several members retiring from the game)

Wars: Not required but if you opt-in please use all 6 flags

First Blood is seeking, well, new blood! If you are an active daily player at any level looking for a great group of people to hang out with while you play the game we could be the alliance for you!

Old or young, new or well seasoned, come play and grow with us. We aren’t overly competitive (although it’s been known to happen) and love to discuss a wide range of items in our chat. We always provide feedback and advice to anyone who asks as we believe sharing our knowledge makes everyone and the game better. Over the years we’ve really turned into one big global family who supports each other both in-game and out.

Sound Interesting? Message us through Discord at ca77738#5997 or request to join in game.

Sorry, we used to be an open alliance but titan poachers cost us a few wars so we had to move to invite-only.

How experienced are you players and how active and social? I’m looking for something competitive but more social in clan chat

Thanks for the response! If you haven’t found an Alliance we’d be happy to have you drop by for a visit. We have a mixture of players from level 30 through 70. Some are more active and social than others but the core is solid and chats a fair bit. As far as competitive goes, we can get ramped up for a War or when a Titan is getting close to fleeing and we still have a chance but most of the time we tease and challenge each other and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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