First 6* Hero

S2 heroes should be added to TC for a small chance to get them… it would benefit all. I spend on this game and I recently got mokarr, my first s2 legendary.
Only super whales got every s2 hero and it would really move the game forward for a lot of players.
If only devs listen to what we propose :rofl:

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That is the issue. Those who spent a lot upfront would be mad if the items they paid for suddenly became free.

But then that begs the question. How do we evaluate the value of E&P heroes?

When it comes to most items, they naturally depreciate in value over time, so it makes sense that a hero that once sold for $100 might only be worth $5 today.

Ahhh, but no, E&P heroes are special. They are rare. Only so many of them were “produced”, and they are now collector’s items! Therefore, older heroes should be worth more than what they originally cost!

Well… that might be true… if we were allowed to trade them. But we’re not. So… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any item that cannot be later resold at a higher value… especially one that is regularly getting replaced by newer, shinier models… automatically depreciates in value.

Honstley the shark ain’t that bad. There loads of players that maxed and emblems on him, he one of the hardest hitters against all, well expect dark but if you have a wilbur and his special is active share damage dark does happen too. Iv maxed I like him, look at the positive stuff about hero’s people put before you make judgement, or how they can benfit your rosta
Use the serech about topics mokar and see what people who have maxed and played with them say then who ain’t :wink::+1:

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I didn’t say he is the worst but he wasn’t my first choice when it comes to atlantis heroes :rofl:
I already read about him, not gonna level him soon though

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Ughh go to the pointless nerf Finley threads filled with the other people who don’t know how to face Finley. He is squishy and has a ton of counters besides Mitsuko. I’ll gladly face Finley with my teams because he is easy to take out or prevent.

LOL…so bring a “dodging” hero? Don’t have one. Bring JF? Don’t have him (and he doesn’t avoid the damage anyways). Bring what? Can’t bring any HOTM because of the elemental link. He’s far and away one of the hardest enemies to deal with. That’s agreed on my many, many people and is a fact. You can’t bring buffers with you or you risk utter destruction. He is overpowered (so is cobalt). The “counters” you mention are the same as any other hero: defense down, elemental defense down, non-buffing heroes. So, yeeeaaaahhhh. Keep claiming he isn’t great.

I think a 6* teir would be awesome. But introducing that would have to happen all at once as well as make it somewhat fair for all.
Hope they would anyway. :wink:

Here they are. All have 800+ Attack.

5 :star: – Legendary Heroes

  • Aouda
  • Captain Nemo
  • Dr. Moreau
  • Lepiota
  • Phileas Fogg
  • Prof. Lidenbrock
  • Zenobia

@TGW You have never been, and never will be irrelevant here on the forum!

I can relate. Even though I have had some awesome luck recently in the game, the fact is the game is going to keep releasing heroes that - 100% realistically - you and I will never get.

I don’t want to be negative but I can’t see myself still playing the game this time next year. I am probably at, or close to, my peak as a very c2p.

It’s all downhill from getting my first challenge event 5*. Only took 2 years and 11 months. :joy::rofl:


Thank you for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to think that I’ll still be playing this game a year from now…? Though very casually. I’ve already cut back quite a bit. I used to try to do everything all the time. Now I look at each event and look at the rewards… if it’s something that’s going to take me hours to complete and there’s nothing particularly useful in the reward loot, I pass.

I will say that I still enjoy warring. But if the day should come where I’m still running my mostly vanilla roster, and all of my war opponents are 5000+ TP monsters with 6* heroes with level 40 troops and 50 emblems…


Nope. I’m not doing that. You can just count me out.

And if I decide to permanently opt out of wars, there’s no point in continuing to level up my war bench…

Very slippery slope to me eventually quitting the game entirely.


They are all in the game already. You only see them in 5 stars. Finley, Odin, Frigg and all ninjas. And more will come in special events and you can not get any of them unless you are a big spender. Ask yourself which hotm is useful after telluria disaster.

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Oh I know, many of the existing 5* heroes are already ridiculous enough as it is. And yet many still deny that power creep is real. It’s real, it’s been happening for a while now, and getting progressively worse.

The thing is, if the newest 5* heroes are already that deadly… any 6* hero would have to be even worse. And that would just be way over the line.

At least currently, I can sort of try to keep up if I color stack and get a decent board. If they continue to make all the newer heroes even stronger (which it seems they are doing), it really is only a matter of time before I won’t be able to beat any of them even with a great board.


I would agree. I have several 4* like Boldtusk and Rigard I use all the time against 5* so why not a 6*

What if the 6* had to take up 3 spaces like some of the villains you fight at the end of a level?

The main question for me is, “can I conceivably kill it?”

There are already a number of 5* heroes in the game that are quite difficult to kill without a good board. If I am to assume that a 6* hero will have probably at least 100+ higher stats as well as an even more ridiculously overpowered special skill than the 5s I’m already facing… things could get really dicey.


Elkanen 4/80 has 758 power, Krambus 4/80 has 802 power,season one heroes are like they missing a star when you compare them with Valhalla,ninja tower and any new hero in events


yeah, and the logical progression there is… 6* +20 would essentially be 7* heroes. EEK!

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Pseudo 7* heroes

Note: From another discussion

5* Aethers are the new 7* ascension items since they effectively allow 7* heroes ( or at least 6.5* heroes ) when combined with emblems and Season 4 / 5 / current generation HotM

So 5* Aethers need to be more rare than 4* ascension items with SGG business model

Player friendly

Player friendly games would rebalance 4* ascension items to be as common as 3* non farmable ascension items and ALL 3* ascension items become farmable

Old School

Interesting SGG originally required 4* ascension items for 4* heroes and 2x types of 4* ascension items for 5* heroes ( see notes )

So adding emblems AND Aethers is going back to the original roadmap of deliberately making progress extra complex and confusing

Boiling Frog^1

Limit breakers were added after many Elder players started on a second rainbow team of 5*+20 heroes

SGG is slowly turning up the heat

8* heroes?

It will be interesting how long it takes SGG to unlock the next set of levels for pseudo 8* heroes

Will SGG add more class nodes?

Will SGG add more limit break levels?


We already know higher Stronghold levels will unlock additional numbers of Advanced Buildings ( I still would have preferred just raising the maximum level of normal buildings to Lv25 )

My prediction is adding more class nodes with innate abilities to make past 5* HotM more viable and drive Tavern of Legend micro transactions

3* Aethers

SGG added 3* / 4* Aethers, unlike emblems which have a single tier


Aethers cannot be moved around like emblems

So Aethers are more player unfriendly than emblems ( and I have long pushed for no penalty class resets like many other MMO s )

All evidence points to Aethers being added as a way to make the game more grindy, increase micro transactions, and prevent new players from catching up to older players

Be Evil

But SGG could just as easily add a even worse mechanics like Battle XP that is earned by individual heroes every time a hero defeats an opponent

So pseudo 8* heroes would require emblems, Aethers and killing opponents ( more loot tickets, and flask, sales )


Click for notes



Or just merge heroes… 2 4.80 clone heroes combine their powers and boom +100 in all stats.

Or adding a new feature: “Alpha hero” who gives some kind of boon or stack to all allies.

Here I was ready to reply with the answer of Telluria. :laughing:
At least in their original form. Ah, well…