First 6* Hero

Right, the odds of getting a 6* hero when SG releases the first one will be 0.003%.

I’m sure some people would do 30 pulls anyway…


If you’re interested, please read previous discussions about 6* heroes:

The one interesting post is:

@Gryphonknight can you refer to any source confirming this information?


No. Just no. We absolutelly do not need 6* heroes.

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“I’m so done with this game! I spend $10,000 on 3000 pulls and not one 6* hero? This game robber me! I call my lawyer!!!”


We definitely do not need a 6* hero…

The full quotes are:

Edited for clarity

  • Classes ( unlikely to add X*+40 due to costumes)
  • Hunter’s Lodge ( Valkyrie’s Bane, Panacea, Titanium shield, etc. but could add 6* Battle items)
  • Costumes ( permanent bonus for each costume a hero unlocks )
  • Super secret group activity ( rewards could include items for heroes or a version of classes for troops )
  • Shards, and trade, could buff a hero ( see candy, lucky and purified in Pokémon GO ).

And you would have 0.1% chance to pull one. No thanks.

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There’s already enough power creep. If the trend continues, season 4 and 5 heroes will basically be 6 stars in everything but the name.

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6* is not needed. I’d probably quit the game if such a thing were released, almost overnight all my 5’s are 4* equivalents? It would be like raising troop cap to 40 from 30, that would not be a good thing.


uugh no a 6* hero seems like the worst idea ever. Just imagine the amount of resources, materials, and the odds to pull. In such scenario I would say goodbye EyP.

Just think about how many emblems are required to bring a 5* to node 20; we will surely see that soon, now that a lot of 5* are at nodes 9-10. a 5* hero is still a lot of work to do


No 6 star heroes, no 5 star troops.

Pretty sure it’s #Gravemaker


I just feel like it is a natural progression, I mean eventually even in real life (I know this is a game) something stronger always comes along.

They could try about merging the 5* heroes…for example,if u have two obakans,u could level them up and then merge them in a 6* super obakan…this way,no 6* pulls,the 5* still have their value(whoever wants to pay,still pays)!if they apply new 6*,everyone will leave…

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Super Obakan! Otherwise known as crap squared! Interesting idea, but can’t see them doing it - it could be something they include in the hero academy

Yeah very interesting idea, double Sartana would be pretty sweet :slight_smile: Obakan is still a 5*, sure not the best but that does kind of make sense, maybe even make it a process, i.e get a certain level of Watch tower and building so you can’t do it with just anything.

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Super Obakan:
All allies but the caster counterattacks for 500% of the damage taken for 1 turn.
All the damage directed to allies is taken by the caster, 3 turns.

Praetorian Bodyguard, lol


u all know it was just an example, right?because right now, i wish i said “super random 5* character someone has two times in his roster”…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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We are an exceedingly literal bunch


My kind of ppl!but i was also lazy and thought i could avoid writing it in so many words!hahaha!

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