First 5star dark to final ascension: Seshat, Ursena, or...Thoth?

Hello fellow players! So I’ve been playing for a few months now, and have had great luck with dark heros, yet I’ve never brought any legendary to its full ascension.

Thoth was my very first 5star, and I was going to fully ascend him, but then Ursena popped out. I ascended her to 3rd tier and was going to decide then, and TWO Seshat greeted me from this AR gate. Here is my current dark roaster:

Now sitting on 12 tabards and 7 trap tools, I think it’s time to bring at least one of them to its final glorious stage. Which one would you do? For reference, here is the current strongest defence team I can muster:

And here is my other most powerful heros #6-20:

My first Seshat is at 2-32 right now, sitting at #22 in the roaster. So she will need 4 trap tools to go to 3-70 first.

I really think the dark heros have sucked all of my luck in this game. Besides all the dark 5 stars, the only other 5 stars I have are: Joon 4-80+1, Justice 1-15, and Khagan 2-60. Anyway, which dark 5 star would YOU bring to 4-80 first?

I would do Ursula, but its a tight race with Seshat :slight_smile:


Maxing both Ursena and Seshat would be highly worthwhile, and the order is a bit arbitrary.

I’d go with Ursena first just because she’s at 3-70 already. You’ll get the additional Trap Tool you need for Seshat by the time you finish Ursena and get Seshat to 3-70.


My only question is what do I need for final ascension of Ursula. I see that to get a 3-rd bar I need 4 trap tools and one compas, other things are not worth mentioning. So what do I need to have to ascend to last fourth bar. Thanks to anyone who answers if I wrote it in a way ppl understand my question I want to change Obakan becouse I am now for months stuck, becouse for last ascension I need 6 Royal Tabards and I havent seen, let alonh get one. Good luck, have fun and if someonr can pls answer. Thank you in advance. Gemi

708 ham, a tome, a blade, 6 tabards and 4 traps for the last ascension to 4th tier.

Dark heroes are tough! Seshat is incredible but like has been said…Ursena is ready and is no slouch. I picked Sesh over Panther and Kage and haven’t been disappointed. This gets back to the previous point of this choice being arbitrary and hard to go wrong.

Well, since this thread was dug up, here’s an update of my current top roster:

I did ascend Ursena first, and waited for a while (trap tools didn’t want to show up!) Until I was finally able to finish Seshat. At first I thought it was the wrong decision, but now I have them both maxed, I’d say I like Ursena more and am glad I worked on her first. despite still not having a full 5* team, before Seshat was finished, Ursena kept me safely in the diamonds, and still does. Because of her, I’m toying with the idea of maxing Quintus now! Yet I don’t feel at all the same about Domitia, the TC20 cousin of Seshat. My 2 copies of her are both sitting at 1-1 still.

I think it’s the tremendous power of attacking all at average speed that makes me more fond of Ursena. Good snipers are fabulous and so versatile, and I love my Joon and Seshat. But the satisfaction of seeing all the enemy’s health bars go down in one go, and watching the yellow attackers kill themselves while my heros sit safely behind that yellow reflect to an otherwise fatal attack, just makes the game…so much more FUN.


Having both maxed I would say Ursena first but both worthy of beening maxed also but having said that I personally would be leaving them both at 3/70 for now as they can both hold there own there for now and speeding up and maxing out Quintus first. I don’t have him but constantly coming up against him in wars and raids and he is far stronger and harder hero to deal with than the other two.

Wow, congrats for your Ursena and Seshat maxed and thank you for sharing the experience.
I have already maxed Seshat 1st before Ursena, and now I still have another purple to ascend (Panther), after that I will ascend Ursena for sure. I also do not regret ascend Seshat 1st, she is good at defense and offense, and I’m also in the Diamonds arena.

I mean he can cause major problems if he goes off and all, but being tougher to deal with on raids than Ursena is going to be a tough sell. He does basically the same direct damage as Ursena, but slower mana, no holy reflect, no extra damage vs. yellow, worse stats, and no family bonus…

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Depends how you go in I suppose, I’m a stack player mostly and I know that how they are when I come up against them.

The only one and time Userna gives me issues is if she has emblems but nothing major though But yet Quintus takes a few extra hits before going down.

Also I’ll see Q on 6 out 10 defense teams most times where as both U and S in maybe 1 to 2 out of 10 opponents on teams that are 4100 plus.

Well… Personally I haven’t seen much Quintus in the diamonds defence. Kunchen and Ursena show up the most for me. Though the few times I did face Quintus, and forgot to take him down before he goes off, he’s absolutely devastating. He doesn’t weaken his power towards the later half of the battle, where Ursena struggles to finish the fight with her poor halved attack when the enemies have <50% health. That’s why I kinda wanna max him so Ursena can have her other half~

Maybe it feels like that, but objectively it’s not true. Ursena is just more durable than Quintus based on stats. She has much higher defense which we know will help the defender more than comparable HP.

Again, I just can’t see how this could be true, especially the 6 out of 10 part. Quintus is fairly rare in diamond, with Seshat probably being the most common of the 3. Ursena becomes more common as you get over 4300 TP- just look at the top 10 alliances and she’s everywhere. I promise that most of those players have Quintus on the bench or unleveled, really no one out there is choosing Quintus over Ursena.

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Ursena is quite a game changer for me and i would put her before Seshat.

That elemental reflection is incredibly useful in attack for both titans and raids. Good sorcerers are extremely rare and she deal in defence an outstanding quantity of damage and can even be your tank of choice.

All around hero for all the jobs.
When you use a lot a hero… it is a good hero.

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So your calling me a lier in an area I no reason or need to lie about, you should choose your words more carefully m8.

So we get different opponents and I see what I see because it is what comes up, why would I make it up, I have both Seashat and Uersna maxed and know what they can do.

I raid mostly over 4100 with my average being 4200 to 4400 powered teams with these days the odd 4500 plus lately and also live in the diamond and above arenas,. My lowest opponent I’ve seen in over a month is the odd 4000. My cups are between 2450 and 2650 and my defense wins 75% of the time.

So if think U is far better in defense than U that’s fine m8 but don’t go calling others liers becuse they don’t think like you.

I the type of player that thanks opponents that bring heroes like Justice, Ares and the likes as I slice through them like a hot knife through butter where as others think they are too tough.

Stats aren’t everything, it’s how you use them and go against them that matters in this game.

Have fun

Yes Kunchen makes a great tank, he is mine in defense.
Ursena I’ve come across as a tank but she doesn’t get to use her specials and goes down quite easily where as K gets to use his a few times.

Of cause if she does get to use them then yes she lasts a little longer but for I do my best to aviod her using them.

I did choose my words carefully, I didn’t call you a liar I just said “that can’t be true” about 6 out of 10 defenses in any tier having Quintus, which I stand by 100%. Perhaps you’re misremembering. There are tons of heroes in this game, no one is in 60% of defenses except maybe Gravemaker at the top level. I face the same tier of opponents as you, and I could mash the reroll button all night long and never see a run of 6 out of 10 defenses with Quintus, and probably 2 out of 10 would take awhile to find. It’s really not personal so if you want to take it that way we’ll just agree to disagree.

Actually that is quite true m8, I yet to raid someone that actually in the top 100 at that time and there are tens of thousands if players but your basing it on a few. NOT very objective there m8 and the likely odds of both of us raiding the same opponents is probably 50,000 to one chance of it happening which I would say it’s more than likely 49,900 more than will come across per day as for myself I never ever reroll EVER as I have more imporant things I need meat for it will far less. LoL

And yet I only see GM in maybe 1 in 20 raids if that.

You see m8 as much as your saying that I am I don’t know what I am talking about only shows tgat could just as well call your statements to make no sense to me leaving me in a state of ( It can’t be true) responses BUTTTTT I have respect for others opinions and totally understand that this game has so many players which come across so many different cenarios that no one person can ACTUALLY state they know anything everyone does or what every player does for sure do a specific thing (as much as your trying to ) other than own personal experiences.

So why it bothers you so much that my opinion is different to yours based on my own experiences I have no idea m8 but I suggest you give it a rest and just concentrate on responding to the OP based on your own experiences and stop trying to put so much effort into telling me my experiences are false or that my experiences

OR that it may seem like it to me.

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