First 5* yellow: Level Leonidas or Vivica? (already have Ariel maxed)

I’m a relatively C2P player, but decided to try for Seshat. In the process, I’ve acquired my first yellow 5 stars, Leonidas and Vivica, and first purple 5 star, Quintus. I’ve read on the forum a good bit, and Leonidas and Quintus don’t get a lot of love. I’ve had enough ascension materials to level 1 five star each color.

5* I currently have:
Ariel 4.80^2 (my first 5*)
Tarlak 4.35
The Hatter 3.50 (started leveling before I pulled Tarlak)
Lianna 1.1 (pulled with atlantis coins along with Tarlak…)
Mitsuko 3.52 (8 mystic rings, 5 blades, 209 emblems waiting, 4 tomes, 4 blades)
Vivica 2.40 (10 darts, 6 orbs)
Leonidas 1.1 (10 darts, 6 orbs)
Quintus 1.1 (8 tabbards, 11 trap tools)

I’m lacking any strong yellow hitters currently, as I have Wu, Chao, and Li Xue maxed (Hu Tao 4.62…my first 4*). I just pulled Gretel on my first (and probably only) Grimforest pull.), so that would help there. I know most people prefer Vivica, but my gut tells me to pause on Vivica go ahead and level Leonidas as Vivica would only see use on purple titans and add some war depth.

On defense I currently run:
Caedom+15, Cyprian+9, Ariel+2,Buddy+8,Colen+5 (have mana troops on Cyprian and Colen)

Thought being Cyprian is kind of tanky and annoying, Buddy provides minion protection for Ariel and Colen, Ariel fires and turns Colen average mana giving him enough time to fire. I’m thinking of moving Mitsuko to tank once I have her maxed.

other 4 Stars
Kiril 4.63 (180 emblems waiting)
Triton 2.48 (next blue project after maxing Kiril)
Boril 3.12
Gafar 2.10 (current purple project)
Sabina 3.60
Sir Lancelot 4.70
Melendor 3.52
Gobbler 3.42 (started leveling before having anything better)
Gadeirus (maybe next green project for family bonus w/ Ariel?), Agwe, Scarlett, Jabbar, Gretel all at 1.1

Thanks in advance!

As u already have ariel and tarlak, then vivica can be put aside temporarily.

U can ascend leonidas first to 3.70 but don’t give him darts. Wait for joon

I would take leo to 3/70 and keep him until you get better heroes. If you reach 12 darts (enough to max 2 Yellows) before you get a better Yellow 5*, I’d max Leo at that point.

Thanks for the advice. Thoughts on maxing Gretel vs taking Leonidas to 3.70?

I like Gretel myself. She’s a slower version of Hansel, but if you don’t have him she is a good alternative. Also worth noting that she can go on the barbarian class quests.

Spell Slayer is such a good status effect particularly against fast heroes. Charge em on purpose, reset them back down to 50% mana, charge em again until the ailment wears out.

Maxed Gretel is definitely better than a 3/70 Leonidas.

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