First 5* Team Help

4* teams are great, so now I’ve got some mats to spend on starting 5*. I need one more tabard and I can ascend a rainbow 5* fully. Choices below. My style of play is balanced between attack and defend, I almost never stack 5 (usually 3-1-1 or 3-2 if I do), and I like to have fun. In other words, I like AW, Trials, Challenge Events, Raids, and General map play all to be interesting and fun.

My current 5* roster is:

Holy: Vivica, Drake, Joon

Dark: Kage (2), Seshat, Panther, B. Wolf, Mok

Fire: Khagan, Elena, Anzogh

Ice: Isarnia, Magni, Richard, Alasie, Ariel

Nature: Alberich, Margaret, Morgan

I’m least enthusiastic about my Fire Fives. I get synergy, and I lean toward mana buffs in that regard. Seems practical.


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Okay, this is just my opinion. I’m far from an expert at this game. This is what I would do.

Holy: Drake. He is arguably the best yellow 5*. You have another, better healer option, so not Vivica.
Dark: Uh… this is really, really hard. NOT wolf or Mok. Either Kage or Panther. I think I’d give a slight edge to Panther.
Fire: I’m not a fan of any of your options, to be honest… I’m not sure.
Ice: Hands down; Ariel. No question. Alasie is great, but Ariel is arguably the best 5* hero in the game.
Nature; Alberich.


Drake, Kage, Elena, Ariel and Alby


Alberich, Drake and Kage are sure bet.
Otherwise you could use Khagan as a tank. His durability will buy time for Kage and co to charge their mana.
No other viable option on fire element. Elena is fine with high attack stat but she usually die before she can cast her special.
Anzogh seem to be adequate but only the slow Isarnia could boost him with a buff.
Again, it will be much depend on your own preference. Choose a combination that you are most comfortable with.


Kage - Drake - Elena - Alasie - Albi

Did not choose Ariel since your best green is Albi.


Ariel and Alby are arguably the best duo in the game.


Alby Anz Drake Sesh Ariel


Agree with @Olmor . But possibly Kage instead of Seshat. Either are pretty fantastic though


Curious if Panther gets an edge over Kage or Seshat since she has the elemental defense debuff. Since I’ll only have one 5* team for a while (til I get a lot more mats), does that put me into the position of wanting to run:


I’d have generic defense debuff with Wilbur and then a further elemental debuff with Panther, Jackal, and Falcon…making tile damage on a rainbow more damaging.

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Panther isn’t that good for def, since there will be neither tile dmg nor a heavy dark stack which will take advantage of the debuff.

Panther works better on offense and titans, when you’ll attack with multiple dark dudes.

And I’d also prefer Sesh over Kage on def for her finishing strikes and minions.


Since offense and titans are more important as compared to defense, I would suggest Panther.

If defense, I would put Kage first for first blood.
Sesh is better on defense if the battle prolongs.

Raided many times and I still find Kage more fearful. No point in fearing what is to come later from Sesh since most of us have encountered our fair share of snipers. However, Kage’s slash comes almost immediately and please do not forget that defense has extra attacking stats which makes him frightening if not killed early.

Agree on Kage. I can only remember one time that I stopped him from firing at all, with Valeria and lvl11 mana troop, of all people. Most of the time he does massive damage before you can stop him, and he is scary

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I will take Kage anyday over Seshat and Panther.
He caused the most damage with his debuff and single shot on healthy opponent. Leaving his team mate to finish it with an easy shot.
The very fast mana is a big plus point.

For me kage + joon is a very nice combo. I am using them

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