First 5 star to ascend

I got enough mats and i think enough 4 star heroes to maybe ascend my first 5.

Heroes i have: c melendor 4/70, brynhild 4/70, wilbur 4/70, wu kong 4/70,peters 3/60,boldtusk 3/60, c rigard 4/70, c sonya 4/70, cyprian 3/60, c tiburtus 3/60 some other 4s during leveling (kiril,triton,ceadmoon,scarlet,mist) and plenty of maxed 3s for tourneys and events.

Unleveled 5 stars i have are Malosi, costume Lianna, 2xSif (yes !),Freya, Justice(meh),Isarnia.

What i really lack is good tank because with my team its hard to go over 2k and stay there (wilbur tank doesnt make it). I also have many healers so i dont see BT as priority

Im personally thinking that sif can be pretty good tank and overall utility hero (usefull in map and in offence in raids and war too).

Or should i wait and max mist and other 4s?

If u need a tank, Sif or Justice are both good…overall, i would go with lianna costume :slight_smile:


I tank w/ Sif, and do very well with her (2500 cups usually).

Lianna w/ costume is a top-tier hero, and will serve you well for the rest of the game.

Freya is just awesome.

So, you have some great choices. Do you have the mats to ascend any of your 5’s?

With only 6 maxed 4*s (listed), I’d continue to work on more 4s.


I have enough mats for ascend one green,one yellow,one dark and one blue but i dont have enough food nor feeders to work on so many so i need to chose one which will help me most.

First of all, I think you should build up your roster of maxed 4*s some more, not focus on 5’s.

To answer your actual question, however, I’d do Lianna first. Her damage is first rate and is always going to serve you well. Either Sif or Freya would also be worthy choices and each of them would make decent tank for you, but they are each more specialized tools.

As far as tanks go, an emblemed Dapper Rigard is no joke, and would serve you well in raids and wars (and even titans hits) well into the future.


Agreed. With the exception of Telluria who was just far too awesome to let sit at 1/1, I have 12 maxed 4*s and I still don’t feel comfortable dumping everything into leveling 5s just yet. I think once I reach 15 maxed 4s (or 3 rainbow teams/3 in each color) then I’d start seriously looking to focus on the 5s.

@kaliope: Don’t tank Wilbur, he’s a liability on defense, and as tank is even more liable to lose you cups. I know you said you have enough healers so BT isn’t a priority, but his stats really do make him an awesome tank if you choose to emblem him. I have his costume maxed and at +13, he has 858 def and 1289 HP, truly 5* level stats.

Instead as mentioned, you can tank cRigard. Even without any emblems, if you have the costume maxed he already has 702 def and 1271 HP in his Dapper form. Throw some emblems on him and he becomes a tough, tough tank that’ll take a beating and then throw it all back at the attacker.

OR if you don’t have his costume maxed yet, you could also try tanking Brynhild instead, as she is sneakily good without most people realizing it (once she goes off, the buffs are undispellable) . An alliance mate of mine with over 20 maxed 5*s had severe trouble taking down a Brynhild tank because he completely underestimated her.

To your actual question, as most others have said, costume Liana is definitely first priority. She’s still the single most hard hitting sniper in the game and will serve you well for a long long time.

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In my honest opinion, you still need to focus on your roster. I have always thought that before you level 5 star heroes, you need to have say 3 x 3 star rainbow teams and 4 x 4 star rainbow teams.
That said - if you need a 5star Tank, Sif is a good choice.
But you have Lianna in Costume and she is great.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

I thought that with sif i would hit two birds with one stone - improving defence, adding holy to defence, improving offence and also making quests and events much easier.

Maybe i wasnt precise but im thinking about one 5 not all of them im not crazy:)

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I would go with Lianna or Freya. 4* mats are scarce and those two heroes would be great in the long run. What about your emblems? What emblems do you have disposable?

Not too many emblems- have 115 rogue emblems, 100 paladin,210 ranger,174 barbarian and 150 fighter

It also kind of depends on what are able to finish in terms of challenges and if one of these 5s will put you over the top in finishing. Are you finishing all the challenge events? The emblem quests? Stuff like that. Over the long run, the ability to finish those consistently is going to be more on an advantage than a good tank. That being said, if you can’t finish something, Sif would be a huge help in doing that.

Justice and Isarnia don’t help you, Malosi not so much right now, and Freya is completely worthless to you because you don’t have any minion summoner heros yet. While Lianna is a great base-level sniper, Sif can conpletely control a hero boss stage with help from some battle items.


I would vote for Lianna then.

I agree to what most people say about focusing on 4* heroes is best for you now.

But if you ascend one, I’d go for Lianna or Sif. But if you choose Sif because you are in need of a decent tank: Keep in mind, that you’re opponents in raids will get stronger, when your team is stronger (or more precisely: when your cup count gets higher). It seems to me you might struggle to beat raids with only a bunch of 4* heroes in your roster but a top 5* tank in your raid defense.

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@kaliope Except for playing competitive in war, defense team can stay low priority for long.
If starting over after 3 years of playing,I would focus on offense teams first. Using my highest leveled offense team, on defense in the best possible lineup.
That saying that when getting the first precious items enough to bring you further in game, focus on what will help you gain more first in offense,quests and challenges, secondary gaining cups.
The playing style can be different, using a defensive or offensive strategy.
You have some very good option for maxing 5*.
Lianna, Sif and Malosi (You will have to choose on darts for them)
First of all you have a way to go to build up a solid 4* roster, what can bring far in game. Best 3* and 4* heroes are being useful even in end game and makes the the road to progression in game a lot easier.

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Lianna for sure. When I was starting out I could never get a five star sniper, and you have one of the best there, with costume bonuses available no less. Snipers are very very handy

BT was my tank right up to high platinum, and still gets used regularly. With his attack buff he’s more than just a healer. You look like you still need 4*'s, and you can easily level two 4* for each 5*.

Keep in mind a good defense needs to be able to attack as well.

I think this aspect is often overlooked. Your defense team can very easily hold a higher cup count, but your offense teams may have a hard time keeping up. While I love my Sif tank, I think Lianna will be the best for you.

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Offence is much easier thou because you just stack mono or 4-1 and go with even weaker team

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