First 5* Holy to ascend or stay on 4*s?

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Finally have 6 darts…wondering if I should start the slow march to ascend my first 5* which would be holy.

I have C-Drake (at 2.60 now), C-Vivica, and Kara. Overall, I’m at the place of having one or two fully ascended 4* and a couple more at 3.60 and at least five 3* fully ascended in each color. In yellow, I have Wu-Kong and Anastasia fully ascended and Gullinbursti, C-Li Xiu, and G Jackal at 3.70. Once I get more gloves I’ll fully ascend these, gloves are finally starting to come semi-regularly.

Alternately, I could wait on the slow march to ascend a 5* and work on Scoratek, Gretel, Chao, or C-Hu Tao

  • C-Drake
  • C-Vivica
  • Kara
  • Scoratek
  • Gretel
  • Chao
  • C-Hu Tao

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Go for Vivica or Kara depending on whether you need a healer or not. I think Costumed Vivica is great and often have to target her first before she causes trouble. You need legendaries of all colors to pull up your raid rank and hit legendary levels. If you do decide to do 4* avoid Hu Tao, he is terrible. Weak and slow even emblemed and limit broken. Here is mine I went all defense and health because without that he kept dying before he could fire off a single shot. Maybe his costumed version is better but I would doubt it. I regret leveling him up more than anyone on my roster.

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Costume Vivica was my 1st 5* hero and she was a game changer for me. 2.5 years later and she is still on my defense team.

Working on Kara now, she seems good! I like the taunt ability for raids and wars. Been using her at 3/15 in wars against 3000-3500 teams without any disappointments.

I agree that the damage is low at slow speed but, once he hits it gets frustrating… that 40% miss chance took lots of wins from me…

I have him at 3/60 and his costume is still not leveled… one of my least priority projects.

Since you´re already stuck on your 4 stars, I see little point to half upgrade more of them right now, as the ones you have are really preferable over the ones you could do.

How are your 3 stars looking? I bet you have some you can do there and improve your tourney performance, that should help with mats more than additional 4 stars.

Of course Kara and CViv are both amazing heroes, but it will take you months to get them ready… If you don´t mind that, you can´t go wrong with either of them.

5* definitely kara

taunt is very valuable and is rare to have
drake c and vivica c are great but you may get better/similar heroes in the future. so they aren’t a high priority in my opinion compared to kara


If you only have a couple of 4’s maxed in each color I would work on your 4’s some more first (possibly 3’s too). A 5* too early is a disproportionate resource drain and you have some good 4’s you could max to really help.

Once some more solid 4’s are maxed events will get easier, titan scores higher, etc all resulting in better loot. That’ll make your 5’s easier to ascend.

I would probably pick c-Viv, then Kara, than c-Drake. There is a good argument for Kara first though, it’s kind of however they fit your play style best. Yellow D drop is almost as rare as taunt though, especially if you’re not spending or not spending much.

Good luck either way!


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I’m probably the minority - and it depends whether or not you have Hansel, but my vote actually goes to Gretel. Mana control is so important and helps so much in challenge events too. That being said C-Vivica… :heart_eyes:

I dont…but I have his costume to. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have Gulli, then healer is not the first need. So the most valuable will be control heroes - it means Kara and Gretel. Gretel as a 4* will be fully useful faster, so I would start with her.
BTW WuKong, Jackal and Gretel are a good start to build a purple titan team. And here c-Viv would be useful, so maybe if you aim at hunting bigger titans c-Viv may go before Kara in your queue.

You just need c-Caedmon or c-Sonia in your team and the miss chance is gone… and HuTao soon after that…

Sure, I am not saying there is no counter to him. Very easy to counter… actually instead of C Sonya or C Caedmon I would go with Rigard. Healer and cleanser rather than wasting a spot on S1 4* snipers.
Happy Gaming!

De gustibus non est disputandum.
I prefer having a sniper with cleanse and use healer for dispel or overheal. But other configurations also work good.

I think I’m leaning C-Viv, the versatility is good. Plus as @Muchacho says Def down in yellow is not a common skill to get. Am I right that it’s still just her and the Rabbit?

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C Roc and Zekena are also 5* holy heroes providing regular defense down.

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Kara! She’s a very useful tank for your defensive needs.